Flower fairies: the most beautiful names for girls

Flower fairies: the most beautiful names for girls

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Flower names do not lose their popularity. So our grandmothers and great-grandmothers also called their daughters. And each new generation of parents picks up the tradition of calling girls beautiful names, comparing them with flowers.

Flower names are given to such star children as Olivia (olive) – the daughter of the singer Katie Topuria , Uma (lyon) – the daughter of the performer Vladimir Kristovsky , Leya (leya) – the daughter of Oksana Samoilova.

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The name Nika (a short form from two flowers at once – Arnica and Veronica) was chosen for the daughters by two famous mothers at once – Yulia Proskuryakova and Elena Kuletskaya .

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The daughter of the singer Katya Lel also has a beautiful flower name – Emilia . And four-year-old Alisa , daughter of rapper Timati and model Alena Shishkova , owes her name to the alyssum flower. The daughter of showman Alexander Revva is called Amelie , the artist Marat Basharov chose the same flower name for his heiress.

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If you are planning to name your daughter beautifully and unusually, then you will find in this article the most flower names for girls!


The name has ancient Germanic roots and translates as “industrious.” In other languages, the name is used in the forms Amalia, Emmeline, Amelie. The nature of the girls who bear this name cannot be called calm, partly due to the influence of the planet Uranus.

But for Amelia roses, cosmic influence is not critical. It is beautiful: its shape resembles a crystal glass, velvet petals at dusk appear snow-white, and in the daytime they acquire a silvery sheen.

This name is given to the English actress Amelia Warner , the star of the film “Aeon Flux” and wife “Mr Gray” by Jamie Dornan.

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The name Alyssa is of French origin. It comes from the Old French name Alais, a short form of Adelais, which, in turn, comes from the Germanic Adelaide. Girls with this name are persistent, stubborn, principled and fair.

Alyssum is a plant that is distinguished by lush flowering and a delicate honey aroma.

This name is given to the star of the TV series Charmed, Alyssa Milano .

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The name has Greek roots, the short form of the name is Nika . Girls who bear the name Arnika (Nika) are very creative and energetic.

According to legend, arnica blooms on the night of Ivan Kupala. Bright arnica was considered by alchemists to be a symbol of the sun.

The singer Arnika Aluri bears this name.

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The name comes from the Latin word “viola”, which means “violet” in Latin. The name is widely used in Spain, France and Italy. Girls named Violetta are always cheerful and cheerful.

Violet is a beautiful houseplant with a variety of flowers in its palette.

This name is given to the Russian actress Violetta Davydovskaya , who starred in the series “Filfak”.

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This is a Hebrew name with two meanings: “long branch” and “dahlia”. A distinctive feature of girls with this name is emotionality and excitability.

Dahlias are one of the most beautiful and long-blooming garden flowers, the shades and sizes of which are very diverse.

This is the name of the Mexican actress Dalia Hernandez , who gained fame after filming in the movie Apocalypse.


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The name has Greek roots and means “violet”. Since there is not a single consonant letter in this name, it is believed that great energy lies in the character of its owner.

Violet is a houseplant with pink, white, blue, as well as flowers of other shades.

This name is given to the Russian Audrey Hepburn, the star of the musical Heavenly Swallows Iya Ninidze .

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The name has English roots and denotes the plant of the same name. It is believed that girls with this name are very friendly.

Camellia is an ornamental evergreen plant with luxurious flowers.

This name is the owner of the award “Cesar”, star of the film “Brilliant”, actress and singer Camellia Jordana .

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This bright and feminine name is the Latin name for the field chamomile. However, there are other versions of the appearance of the name: according to the first, it has ancient Greek roots and it is translated as “impeccable origin”, according to another, the name in Arabic means “perfect”. A distinctive feature of all Camilles is openness, energy and emotionality.

Chamomile is a field and garden plant, very beautiful in its simplicity.

The Duchess of Cornwall, wife of Prince Charles Camille , bears this name.

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A beautiful old Slavic name that means a water lily, a water lily. Girls named Kupava are distinguished by courage and independence.

Water lily – the same white water lily, it was this plant in fairy tales that was called “overcome-grass”.


This name is of Hebrew origin and has several variations: Leah, Lea, Leya. Also, the name Leia is short for Lietta and Lily.

Leia is a bushy plant with pleasantly scented grey-green leaves.

This name is given to the fictional character in the Star Wars universe, Leia Organa Solo , played by Carrie Fisher .

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The name comes from the Latin lilium and is the name of a flower, its meaning is “pure”, “innocent”. Other variants of the name are Leila, Lilya. Girls with this name are beautiful, graceful and have the gift of eloquence.

Lily is one of the most ancient and beautiful bulbous plants.

Another version of this name – Lily – is Lily Collins , the daughter of the legendary rocker Phil Collins, an actress known for her roles in the youth projects Beverly Hills 90210: The Next Generation, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

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The name Liana, according to one version, comes from the name of the plant and means “thin” in Latin. According to another version, the name Liana has French roots and is translated as “woven”. But in the English version, its translation is “graceful meadow”. Girls named Liana are smart, intelligent and charismatic.

Liana is a climbing plant that is planted to decorate arbors and houses.

This name was borne by the Soviet actress Liana Asatiani , who played Marine Peradze in the film “Dragonfly”.

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The name Laura in Latin means “crowned with laurel”, “victorious”. Girls with this name are distinguished by a balanced character and prudence.

Laurel is an evergreen plant with small white or cream flowers.

This name is given to the singer Laura Pergolizzi , performing under the creative pseudonym LP.

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In the Kazakh language, the word “lala” refers to a poppy or a tulip, and in translation from Persian it is a ruby. Other variations of the name: Lalia, Lalusha. Its owners always take an active life position.

Poppy is a field and garden flower, characterized by bright shades.

This name is the daughter of the singer Irina Allegrova .

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This name common in Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and is translated as “lilac”. Derivatives: Liliana, Lilian, Liliane, Lillian. Girls named Lilyana always know exactly what to do, they are self-confident and charismatic.

Lilac is a shrub, during the flowering period, decorated with lush clusters of fragrant white or purple flowers.

The Tatar singer Liliana Irnazarova bears this name.

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The name is of Greek origin, meaning “bee”. Variations on the theme of the name: Mel, Melly, Mell, Liss, Lissy, Lissa, Lily. Girls with this name are hardworking and responsible.

Melissa is a perennial essential oil herbaceous plant with a pleasant mint-lemon smell.

The name is given to American comedian Melissa McCarthy .

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The name Nargiz has Arabic roots, it was also mentioned in ancient Persian manuscripts. Means “mountain flower”, “narcissus”. Name variations: Nargiza, Nara, Nari, Giza, Narik. Girls named Nargiz are stubborn, persistent in achieving their goals. They have a strong character, they know how to stand up for themselves.

Narcissus is an elegant delicate flower from the Amaryllis family with a delicate aroma.

The famous singer Nargiz Zakirova bears this name.

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Name of Latin origin , translated as “olive tree”, “olive”. Variations on the theme of the name: Ollie, Liv, Liva, Livia, Livy. Girls with this name are distinguished by determination and independence.

The olive is an evergreen subtropical tree that blooms with small white flowers.

House M.D. star Olivia Wilde bears this name.

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The name is of Italian origin, meaning “blooming ash”. Girls named Ornella are distinguished by their courage and independence.

Ash is a genus of deciduous plants of the olive family, which has about 70 species.

The actress Ornella Muti bears this name.

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The name has Greek roots and means a flower of the same name. The second meaning is “red flower”. Girls with this name are distinguished by increased emotionality.

The rose is considered the queen of flowers!

This name is given to the well-known “telematchmaker” Rosa Syabitova .

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One of the meanings of the name is “flax”. According to legend, this is the name of the goddess of the mountains Parvati, the daughter of the Himalayas, the wife of Shiva. Girls named Uma are very gentle and loving.

Flax is an annual herbaceous plant with pale blue flowers.

Hollywood actress Uma Thurman bears this name.

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The name has ancient Germanic roots. According to one version, it is translated as “possessing nobility”, “ruler”, according to another – “rich”, “powerful”. Girls named Erica are very impulsive.

Erica is a beautiful evergreen of the heather genus, covered with pink flowers during flowering.

This name is given to the famous actress Erika Durens , the star of the TV series Smallville.

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Translated from Latin, it means “diligent”, “strong”, “strong”, according to the second version it is translated as “rival”. Name variations: Emma, Emily. Girls named Emilia are responsive and attentive.

Emilia is a flower from the Compositae family. As a cultivated plant, it is familiar only to experienced flower growers, but for the majority it remains exotic.

This name is given to the actress Emilia Clarke , who played the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the TV series Game of Thrones.

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The name has Japanese roots and means “lily”. Girls with the name Yuri are always confident in their abilities.

Lily is a beautiful large flower with a strong, “thick” aroma. There are many shades of it.


The name has English, Arabic and Latin roots. It translates as “jasmine flower”. Variations on the theme of the name: Jasmine, Yasmin, Yasemin. Girls named Jasmine are kind and helpful.

Jasmine is a very beautiful plant that blooms with white flowers-stars.

This name is given to the Russian singer Jasmine , as well as the princess – the heroine of the fairy tale about the adventures of Aladdin.

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Do you like flower names?

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