Find a cat: 30 funny photos

Find a cat: 30 funny photos

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Every cat (or cat) has ever hid from the owners. It looks funny and endearing. Therefore, there are many blogs on the Web where fans of hiding cats publish their photos. We have selected the funniest ones. Watch, laugh and be positive!

Always look out of cover with one eye!

hide and seek cats

You shouldn’t have fed me like that!

Oops, tried to blend in with the background. The error came out…

hide and seek cats Ears? What ears? I’m in ambush!

hide and seek cats How did you find me? I’m behind the curtain!

hide and seek cats Master of Disguise Level 80

hide and seek cats Is the shower cancelled? Will they do the dishes instead of me?

A girl is sitting in a dungeon, and a scythe is on the street

hide and seek cats It’s all Barsik! He taught me how to show my tongue!

The white cat is a distraction. The main thing is on the left!

Hooray, we’re going on vacation! I have already gathered: I took the most important thing – myself!

Are you laughing too? I can’t even look at it – we are hiding, trying, and you have fun …

Do you have a pet that loves to hide?

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Photo: Instagram