Father gave his daughter an incredible surprise

Father gave his daughter an incredible surprise

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Remember how in childhood we rejoiced at any fulfillment of our desires? Especially if it was something very unattainable and incredible. Such a story happened to a 7-year-old resident of Nevada (USA) Shelbywho is an ardent fan of dinosaurs.

One day the girl woke up and saw outside the window a whole world of dinosaurs that had died out many millions of years ago.

The fact is that Shelby’s dad Lyle, using projectors, screens and lighting, transformed the courtyard outside the house from an arid desert landscape into a lush green world where dinosaurs roam freely. “She loves dinosaurs and has seen all the Jurassic Park movies ,” Lyle said.

Dad also admitted that such a large-scale surprise did not scare the girl:

She wasn’t afraid of them, just really surprised at how I did it!

By the way, Lyle does not make the first such interactive surprise for Shane. He once remodeled her bedroom with a Disney theme. Inside the room was a fairytale castle with fireworks on the ceiling.

“She then told all her friends that I built the castle for her. This is the best praise from a daughter ,” admitted the original dad.

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