Family weekend: Bruce Willis with all his daughters at Disneyland

Family weekend: Bruce Willis with all his daughters at Disneyland

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Bruce Willis is able to save the world and at the same time charm everyone around! He is also an amazing father and loving husband! His family has a tradition: every year, the famous dad with his wife Emma Hemming and their two daughters, Mabel (6) and Evelyn (4), come to the Disneyland amusement park for the whole day.

This year, the actor and his family were joined by his eldest daughters from his marriage to actress Demi Moore : Rumer (29), Scout (26) and Talulah (24).

The family spent the whole day riding the rides and eating ice cream.

The older sisters had a great time with the younger ones.

Some attractions were only available for adult children. From their faces, it’s really not clear whether they are scared or funny.

On some of the cool rides, 63-year-old Bruce Willis supported his younger daughters, calming them, holding them and distracting them so that they would not be scared.

For the youngest daughter of the actor, Evelyn, some steep slides were the first time! But with such a dad, nothing is scary!

Perhaps next year, the younger daughters of Willis will not be afraid of rides, and we will be waiting for new photos!

The next day, Emma and her two daughters went to Hollywood on the Walk of Fame, where Bruce Willis’ star is located. Against the background of this honorary star, the younger daughters of the actor were photographed.

And next to it is a square with hand and footprints of famous actors. There, the girls also found footprints left by their dad.

What rides do your kids love?

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