Family photo of Kim Kardashian: behind the scenes

Family photo of Kim Kardashian: behind the scenes

24.05.2022 0 By admin

This star diva in January of this year became a mother for the third time – they had a daughter with rapper Kanye West, who was called an unusual name – Chicago. Kim willingly shares with subscribers frames from the life of her large family.

It is surprising that the telediva manages to do business and pay enough attention to her loved ones. So recently, she was seen with older kids at the zoo, moreover, she held both – both her son and her daughter – in her arms. The strong half of the adult part of the family was apparently taking a picture at that moment.

Kim regularly posts photos of children on Instagram, most likely taken on the go, on the phone. At the same time, the first portrait of Chicago appeared on the network on February 27.

On March 17, a noticeably grown brown-eyed baby flaunts in a post in a pink jumpsuit and a snow-white bib. “Morning cutie,” Mom writes. Neither subtract nor add. Kim is generally quite succinctly signs children’s pictures, although in posts with her glossy photos she is much more verbose.

However, one picture nevertheless inspired her to a couple of detailed proposals. On it, the parents are standing with rather stern facial expressions, Chicago is sleeping serenely in her mother’s arms, the eldest daughter has a forced smile, and the son with dreadlocks on his head is clearly planning to escape from the frame.

“You probably don’t know how difficult it is to take a good family photo. That’s all we could get before all three babies started crying. I also cried, ”the star mother writes.