Family look: Jasmine with her daughter

Family look: Jasmine with her daughter

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Singer Jasmine with daughter Margarita, family look

The other day, singer Jasmine shared a photo with her fans in which she poses with her daughter Margarita Shores in dresses with a marine print and the same cut: only the colors distinguish the outfits. The star chose a dark-colored sundress for herself and a white dress for the baby (swipe through the photo!).

Despite her young age (the girl is only 6 years old), Margarita is in no way inferior to her famous beautiful mother. She confidently keeps herself in front of the camera and performs on stage along with Jasmine. By the way, on stage, as well as in ordinary life, mother and daughter prefer to dress in the same style.

All publications, both in the star’s account and on the girl’s personal page, where mother and daughter are filmed together, are accompanied by the cutest hashtags: #mombestfriend and #daughterbestfriend.

It is impossible not to smile, looking at such a warm and strong relationship between the singer and the children, which she manages to maintain in conditions of high employment. And the accompanying captions under the photos with her daughter and son Miron touch to the core:

Interesting, how do you feel about clothes in the style of “family bow”?

Photo: Instagram