Even monarchs suffer from postpartum depression

Even monarchs suffer from postpartum depression

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The wife of Prince William , Kate Middleton, even before the birth of her third child, admitted that she went through a difficult psychological period after the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. “Motherhood is great, but at times it becomes a huge problem,” People magazine quotes the Duchess of Cambridge. “Even for me, who has serious support.”

Postpartum depression is manifested by a feeling of depression, anxiety and devastation, loss of interest in life, irritability. A young mother experiences a sense of guilt and her own inferiority.

Kate Middleton emphasized that the birth of a child changes a woman, filling her life with a whole range of emotions: joy, love and anxiety. To cope with stress and its consequences, women should ask their loved ones for help, not hiding tension and fatigue.

We hope that the birth of the third child of the royal couple – Prince Louis – will not affect the health of the duchess, and the favorite of the British will avoid another postpartum depression.

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