Do-it-yourself business board

Do-it-yourself business board

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Busyboard (from English busy – busy and board – board) is an excellent educational toy for children, made according to the method of Maria Montessori. Wheels, valves, buttons – all this can be included on such a wooden board. Buying such a toy in a store is not a cheap pleasure. For not the largest one, you will have to pay about 2000 rubles. But don’t be discouraged, making such a board with your own hands is very simple.

Source: instagram @azariel_razvitie
Source: instagram @azariel_razvitie

A business board is a base made of dense material on which household or household elements of the reality surrounding the baby are placed. Such a design can be used from the age of 2 and even earlier, and interest in it is observed up to early school age. The models offered for sale are expensive, do not take into account the specifics of the environment of the child and his interests. Therefore, any parent can make a business board with their own hands and help the child explore the world in a budgetary way.

Mini board from a wooden cube
A mini business board made of a wooden cube is convenient to take on the road

Design basis

Any lightweight and durable material, about a centimeter thick, is used as the basis of an educational toy, which is necessary for reliable fastening of parts. The size is determined by common sense and the dimensions of the apartment, the board is made of foam, plywood, plastic, fiberboard. The wooden base is heavier, so the thickness is reduced to 0.8 cm. The base for the toy must be safe and strong. The shape of the business board is determined by the possibilities and imagination:

  • horizontal panel of any geometry;
  • in the form of a cube, including the use of internal space;
  • pyramid without sharp corners;
  • spherical domes;
  • a piece of furniture, a car or an animal.
Busyboard pyramid
Busyboard pyramid

On a light colorful foundation are household items or frequently encountered devices that are of interest to the child, applied or requiring study. From improvised materials go into business:

  • sewing accessories: locks and coils, pieces of dense fabric, buttons of various shapes, grandmother’s hoop;
  • kitchen utensils: strainers and plastic cups, children’s dishes and whisks, colorful potholders, plastic containers;
  • electrical equipment: switches, multi-colored wires, electrical sockets and plugs, small lampshades, old flashlights;
  • household items: TV remote control, calculators, latches, door locks and hinges, belt buckles, clothespins, cosmetic bags;
  • working tools: plastic containers, bearings and bushings, wires of different thicknesses, padlocks on chains, water taps.
  • student supplies: large letters, rulers of an unusual shape, pencil cases, abacus, colored erasers, cubes.

The set of items is arbitrary, they should be selected taking into account the age, interests of the child and the availability of improvised materials. Children’s attention is attracted by elements with sound accompaniment, light pulses, moving along a carved trajectory or spinning discs.


Precautionary measures

The main condition for functionality and prevention of damage is the absolute reliability of fastenings and safety. The absence of sharp corners, cutting surfaces, electrical contacts, small objects and dangerous paints will prevent injury. When using a homemade business board, do not leave the child alone, check the fasteners and follow the simple rules:

  • the light sources on the panel must be autonomous and the batteries should be located on the inside of the main board in a closed case;
  • moving parts are fixed with a braid or a light, short chain;
  • component materials are allowed for children;
  • fragile glass and toxic materials are prohibited;
  • the structure is fixed or stable on the floor.

The more diverse the sets for study, the more actively the baby will be interested in the toy, however, safety and injury prevention are at the forefront.

Do it yourself step by step

First, assemble a set of details that are interesting to the child and place them on the prepared board. Consider the place where the toy will be located, fastening to furniture or a wall, the height of the location, stability. The more elements, the longer the baby will study the development panel. However, do not get carried away with the quantity, mark the position of each thing.

1. Treat the prepared base to avoid splinters and sharp edges, paint. Styrofoam can be varnished, wood can be walked with a grinder, cardboard sheets can be glued together for strength, plastic can be cut to shape.

wood sanding
Sanding the board for smoothness to avoid splinters and sharp edges

2. Using improvised materials, make holes in the foundation for fastening and moving moving elements.

3. Decorate the panel with bright schematic pictures that will be used to indicate actions: a chest with an opening lid, a house with a door, a boat with a flag, a road with a traffic light.

4. You can add letters, numbers of different colors, geometric shapes to the drawings.

Source: instagram @jen_browning
Source: instagram @jen_browning

5. Wash the used fabrics, wash things with soap and water, if necessary, treat with an antiseptic and evaluate the reliability.

6. Place the prepared props on the surface, try it in action. If everything suits, fasten each element according to the pattern, check for strength. Remember that small parts must be fixed.

Source: instagram @nadyavera83
Source: instagram @nadyavera83

7. For the purpose of fastening, stitching fabrics, self-tapping screws, universal glue, laces, reliable screws are suitable.

8. After assembly, make sure that the structure is strong and that there are no small detached objects.

9. Let your child explore a new toy with adult supervision.

do-it-yourself business board
Source: instagram @ele4ka_lu

The finished business board can be improved as children grow up, take on a new shape and change functionality. The main thing is that the process is conducive to learning and not boring.


Home Products Options

A self-made cognitive complex is available to almost every parent. For the smallest and schoolchildren, thematic or general developmental, they are not only budgetary, but also informative. At each period of growing up, interests and preferences change, so homemade bodyboards also evolve.

Do-it-yourself businessboard
Do-it-yourself business board

1. Children from one to three years old are interested in colorful details with sound accompaniment to develop their first skills: fastening buttons, working with fasteners, tying shoelaces, matching items by size or color. During this period, the developmental board is usually abstract or teaches communication with the outside world through vivid images of Russian fairy tales, characters in children’s poems, and favorite cartoons. Songs of famous heroes will cheer you up and interest you. On the panel there are different types of lacing, buckles of old sandals, dynamic figures on plastic conductors.

2. A little later, the game base helps in learning the alphabet, counting and writing. Stylized letters, numbers, household items are suitable as samples. Creative parents take into account the interests and hobbies of the child, there are many design options:

  • father’s assistant;
  • visiting a fairy tale;
  • young traveler;
  • want to know everything;
  • we built, we built.

For little princesses, the functional set is biased towards gender preferences, although not necessarily:

  • Thumbelina’s adventures;
  • young artist;
  • my barbershop;
  • Dollhouse;
  • hostess.

Decorate a themed foundation with a child’s name, place spinning gears, a clock face, a keyboard, an hourglass, and gauge consumer interest.

3. Before school and at primary school age, game elements become more complicated, the base can be transformed into an unprecedented typewriter or observatory, an ancient castle or a starship. The flight of thought and action is limited only by common sense and the possibility of execution, approximate options are as follows.

Getting ready for school

Counting sticks, unusually shaped pencil cases, a globe, a primer and multi-colored erasers are prepared for school days. Bright letters and numbers are remembered, poems with drawn characters are memorized, the call disciplines. The clock face helps to learn time and numbers.

Developing board for children
Source: instagram @yazevamarina

Inquisitive astronomer

A model of a planetarium or an observatory is made from improvised materials, optical instruments, ellipsoidal trajectories of the planets, constellations, planets of the solar system and constellations are studied. A miniature globe will expand the views.

Business board for boys and girls
Source: instagram @lena_buriak_nailart_master

submarine captain

Sea buckles, daggers, models of anchors, a remote control, caps and binoculars are complemented by attributes of romance and travel. A private submarine with a personal flag and a captain’s bridge is being built from a baby bath. The kid not only learns new subjects, but also prepares to become strong and strong, like dad.

bodyboard ship
Source: instagram @biziboom_mgn

Store shopping

Goods to choose from, old wallets, abacus or calculators, grocery carts help the child get used to the world around him. The seller offers a product to choose from, the buyer loads the cart, it is calculated. The numbers are repeated in parallel.

developing business board
Source: instagram @crazy_monkey_ua

Young Mendeleev

Cones and beakers, multi-colored minerals and plastic stands will prepare for the study of the surrounding processes. Stretchable transformers and kinetic sand figurines attract attention and spur interest in themselves.

business board for boys and girls
Source: instagram @busyboard.easy.busy

fashion dressmaker

The entire assortment of the sewing workshop, mannequins for new models, leather accessories and button models warm up the interest in working with your hands. Silk and knitwear, wool and spandex develop tactile sensitivity, fixed small objects improve motor skills.

Busyboard ideas
Source: instagram @kachukolenka

The examples given are schematic, but they give an idea of the direction of thought and the application possibilities of the home teacher. The development of practical skills and broadening of horizons will help in education, and it is the family that is at the heart of this process. Try, create, engage with your child and have fun.