Dmitry Tarasov returned to his newborn daughter

Dmitry Tarasov returned to his newborn daughter

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Football player Dmitry Tarasov is happy to see his tiny daughter after being away from home. Recall that the wife of the athlete Anastasia Kostenko gave birth to a girl on July 10, and eight days later, a record appeared in the microblog of the football player that he was at the training camp. The athlete’s subscribers then expressed bewilderment: how could a young mother be left alone, without support?

However, the training camp is already over, and Tarasov again holds his daughter in his arms. He did not comment on the photo of this touching moment, accompanying it only with funny emojis on a children’s theme and the hashtags #wordless#love#mine.

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Note that the baby is already 13 days old, but her parents have not yet talked about what name their daughters chose . Perhaps they have not yet decided which one to stop at.

Recall that in the children’s room of the girl, decorated with flowers by the time she was discharged from the Lapino hospital, there was a ball with the initials “MD” . Maybe it’s “mother’s daughter”? Or a hint of a name: “Maria Dmitrievna” or “Marina Dmitrievna”?

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What do you think the name of the newborn will be?

Photo: Instagram @kostenko.94, @tarasov23