Dmitry Malikov first showed the face of a 6-month-old son

Dmitry Malikov first showed the face of a 6-month-old son

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Popular Russian composer Dmitry Malikov became a father again on January 24, 2018. The artist and his wife Elena used the services of a surrogate mother. The baby was born in one of the elite clinics in St. Petersburg.

Since then, photos with his beloved son Mark sometimes appear on the artist’s personal blog. One of the last photos: Dmitry stands and holds the baby in a carrier.

People, live in the present! I love everyone!
Thank you for congratulating Mark on his six-month anniversary!

This is the first photo of Malikov with the heir, where the baby’s face is visible. Such a cheeky cutie!

Dmitry’s fans flooded him with pleasant comments:

Serious little guy!

Congratulations! Wonderful baby!

You have a wonderful son. May he grow up to be a healthy and happy boy. Congrats on the first semester

The role of a young couple suits Dmitry very well.

Recall that the Malikovs have a daughter Stephanie , who turned 18 in February. Dmitry is also the stepfather of Elena’s eldest child, Olga Isakson (33).

Who do you think baby Mark looks like?

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