DIY summer: ideas for children's crafts from Instagram

DIY summer: ideas for children's crafts from Instagram

24.05.2022 0 By admin

summer craft ideas

Children are very fond of crafting something, and for creativity they do not need complex materials. Paper plates, ordinary pasta and pebbles brought from vacation – even those things that you considered unnecessary are suitable for crafts.

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Get inspired by summer craft ideas from Instagram and create with your kids! By the way, any of these funny little things can be presented to your grandmother or your favorite teacher.

Vacation crafts inspired by the sea…

Pebbles and shells with eyes – what could be easier?

Cheerful seahorses

rainbow pebbles

Beach in a jar

Summer travel photo frame

Real masterpieces from ordinary pasta

Macaroni… no, not a monster, but a cactus!

Stylish multi-colored beads

Incredibly beautiful flowers

Bright butterflies…

…and cute bugs

And you can make a whole zoo out of pasta!

Cute paper plate crafts

Ordinary paper plates make charming llamas…

…different birds…

…eye crabs…

…a very kind lion…

…and almost a real aquarium!

As well as funny summer sun visors…

…and stylish handbags for little fashionistas!

What crafts have you made this summer?

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Photo: Instagram