DIY sock toys: 15 ideas for your inspiration

DIY sock toys: 15 ideas for your inspiration

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If in the far corner of the linen drawer you find a couple of socks left without a pair. do not rush to throw them away. After all, this is a great material for creative crafts! From such lonely socks you can sew a wonderful toy for a child.

Even if you are not very friendly with a needle, the process will not seem difficult to you. Turn on inspiration, study a step-by-step master class – and sew a bunny!

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  1. Turn the sock inside out and pin it off. This will help the pieces not to diverge when stitching.
  2. Make an incision for future ears. The deeper it is, the longer the ears.
  3. Sew the details of the ears.
  4. Cut off the heel of the toe and sew up the resulting hole.
  5. Determine the size of your toy and fill the sock with holofiber. If there is no special filler at hand, you can get by with ordinary cotton wool. The denser the filler, the more stable and beautiful the future toy will be.
  6. Sew the bottom seam.
  7. Tighten the ears by laying a line at their base. Fasten the thread.
  8. Embroider eyes, mouth and nose with contrast thread.

Just a couple of hours – and the new toy is ready! For the baby, it will be doubly valuable, because it is made by mother’s hands.

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If you decide on another sock toy, we have put together great ideas for you.

Please note: the more colorful the sock, the brighter the toy.

…other hares

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… snails

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… owls

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… lion cub

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… baby doll

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And what toy will you sew for your baby?

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