Dinomania: The Dinosaur Mom's Guide

Dinomania: The Dinosaur Mom's Guide

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Has your baby also been gripped by dinomania ? Encourage his interest, go for walks, watch themed cartoons. For example, do you know that there are many museums and parks where a child can not only see dinosaurs, but also touch them? And how many cool cartoons have already been created on this topic … We found out everything – for you!

Read about dinosaurs with your child!

dinosaur books

Encyclopedia “Entertaining zoology. Dinosaurs»

The edition is good because it suits even the youngest readers. It contains interesting facts, many drawings, tasks and stickers that will help you better imagine the life of dinosaurs.

  • Number of pages: 52
  • Author: Polly Cheeseman
  • For children: 0+

“Dinosaurs. Encyclopedia for kids»

The book will tell you many interesting facts about dinosaurs: how they looked, how they differed from each other, where they lived, what they ate, how they escaped from enemies, whether they took care of the cubs and why they died out.

  • Number of pages: 32
  • Author: Stephanie Turnbull
  • For children: 3+

Children’s encyclopedia “Dinosaurs”

In this encyclopedia, young lovers of dinosaur stories will find reliable information about the prehistoric animal world. Bright illustrations will help to imagine what these animals looked like millions of years ago. Quizzes and assignments will allow beginner paleontologists to test their knowledge, and a dictionary will explain many terms. A bonus to the encyclopedia is a panorama of the Earth in the Mesozoic and 39 magnets.

Children’s illustrated encyclopedia “World of dinosaurs”

Young pochemushki have thousands of questions about dinosaurs: which of them reached 34 meters in length? Where did all the dinosaurs go and why? What modern animals are the closest relatives of dinosaurs? You and your child will find answers to all questions in this book.

  • Number of pages: 64
  • Author: Barbara Maevskaya
  • For children: 12+

Children’s Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

The book tells about the origin of the Earth, about the first plants and dinosaurs (their types, features and behavior). The pages of the encyclopedia contain the latest information on paleontological finds and colorful illustrations that help to imagine the appearance of ancient reptiles.

  • Number of pages: 64
  • Author: Sam Taplin
  • For children: 16+

Play educational dinosaur games

lego dinosaurs

Sets of LEGO constructors with the hero T-Rex

The name T-Rex is familiar to almost every fan of dinosaurs. It comes to life in LEGO building sets.

For children: 3+

Smart cards “Dinosaurs”

The set includes 36 cards with dinosaurs, a convenient format with rounded corners – the baby will not hurt his fingers during the game. Images of dinosaurs are colorful, close to the scientists’ idea of what these animals looked like. On each card is indicated – a herbivorous dinosaur or a predator, the name is written in large letters. On the reverse side are fragments that can be assembled like a puzzle (almost all consist of 6 pieces) and get a beautiful picture illustrating the life of dinosaurs.

For children: 3+

3D dinosaur coloring pages

Reviving coloring will take the child millions of years ago, to the Mesozoic era! Download the app to your mobile device or tablet. Enter the activation code (located inside the coloring page), point your phone or tablet at the image. You can take photos with living dinosaurs. In the application you will find 12 3D dinosaur models.

For children: 0+

Video encyclopedia “ABC of dinosaurs”

Both kids and parents will love it: watch and learn all about dinosaurs together!

Visit museums and exhibitions

Paleontological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Yu.A.Orlova

In Moscow…

Paleontological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Yu.A.Orlova.

Moscow, metro station Konkovo, st. Profsoyuznaya, 123.

Dino Club in the Central Children’s Store

Moscow, Teatralny proezd, 5, st. m. Lubyanka (m. Kuznetsky most), Central Children’s Store, 5th floor.

Park “Dino Skazka” in Krylatskoye

Moscow, st. Krylatskaya, 18.

Jurassic Park at VDNKh

Moscow, VDNKh metro station, on the site next to pavilion No. 20.

Museum of Perm Antiquities

In the regions of Russia …

Dinosaur Park “Evolution” in “Ethnomir”

Kaluga region, Borovsky district, Petrovo village.

Paleontological Museum in Blagoveshchensk

Blagoveshchensk, Relochny per., 4.

Kotelnich Paleontological Museum

Kirov region, Kotelnich, Yaranskaya st., 1.

Museum of Perm Antiquities

G. Perm, st. Siberian, 15.

Azov Historical, Archaeological and Paleontological Museum-Reserve

Rostov region, Azov, Moscow street, 38/40.

Undorovka Paleontological Museum

Ulyanovsk region, Undory, School street, 5.

Watch movies and cartoons

“Dinosaur Train”

The plot takes place in a prehistoric world of jungles, swamps, volcanoes and oceans. Dinosaur train can carry reptiles of all kinds. He travels the world, travels throughout the Mesozoic era, passes through magical time tunnels.

“World of Dinosaurs”

Children will learn about the fascinating world of the ancient era, when the earth was inhabited by dinosaurs. Start the adventure world together with cartoon characters!

“The Land Before Time”

A drought begins in the land of dinosaurs, and several genera go in search of an oasis. In a small herd of “long necks” looking for the Great Valley, a cub is born, who is given the name Littlefoot. What will happen next?…


Young Ernie, Max and Julia unexpectedly find themselves among the dinosaurs. Children find a lot of exciting adventures, sometimes even dangerous ones, and a new friend – Dinomama. She won’t let anything happen to her kids.

“Good Dinosaur”

The authors of this cartoon decided that 65 million years ago the fall of the asteroid did not take place. That’s why dinosaurs didn’t die out. They learned to speak and manage the household. The story tells about a cheerful family of dinosaurs.

PS For a complete immersion in the life of dinosaurs, we recommend that mothers decorate the children’s room with illustrations of reptiles of all stripes, figurines that the child can add to his collection. T-shirts with dinosaur friends, dino yogurts and backpacks – the imagination of manufacturers of goods for children is limitless… And at a children’s party, a dinosaur costume will be the most original!

Is your kid into dinosaurs?

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