Diana, who changed the world: 8 things that changed the idea of monarchs

Diana, who changed the world: 8 things that changed the idea of monarchs

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Princess Diana

More than 20 years have passed since the death of Princess Diana in a car accident in Paris. On that day, millions of people around the world could not hold back their tears. Despite her short life, Diana managed to do a lot. She turned the idea of monarchs upside down and left an indelible mark on the lives of not only the royal family, but many people around the world.

I live not according to the book of rules, but “according to the call of my heart.” And although it got me into trouble, it’s my choice. Someone has to “get out of there”, love people and show them that.

Today, on the birthday of the great Lady Dee, we remember the actions with which she broke traditions and changed the world forever.

She changed her wedding vows

Diana abandoned royal traditions even at her own wedding! She rewrote the vows and, unlike many generations of brides before her, chose to drop the phrase that she “obeys” her husband, Prince Charles .

It is worth noting that Prince William and Kate Middleton also followed her example at their wedding.

She was an independent mother

Despite her young age, 20-year-old Diana was a wonderful mother! She had her own view of raising children from birth. Despite her husband, she herself chose the names of her sons and breastfed them. She also started a new family travel tradition by taking nine-month-old William and his nanny on a six-week tour of Australia and New Zealand.

William and Harry are very lucky to have a mother because her ideas were so different from previous generations, one of the royal experts said.

Family has always been a priority for her.

After marrying Prince Charles, Diana gave up her job as a children’s school teacher in favor of her royal duties. However, family and children have always been a priority for her. Of course, she left her sons with nannies – this was necessary and inevitable, but there was always time for children in her schedule, and their worries and problems were in the first place for her.

Family is the most important thing in the world, Diana was convinced.

Her children went to a regular school and didn’t always lead a royal lifestyle.

At his mother’s wish, William became the first heir to the throne to go to public school. It was a real rebellion and rebellion against royal traditions! In addition, Diana took her sons to McDonald’s, traveled with them on public transport and allowed them to wear jeans and baseball caps. And while visiting Disneyland, Diana and the boys stood in line with the rest of the people.

She was never afraid to show the children what real life is like outside the palace. Princess Diana did a lot of charity work and often took her sons to hospitals and shelters.

She really wanted us to see the real reality,” William said in an interview with ABC News in 2012. “And I can’t even express my gratitude because it was one of the best lessons I’ve ever had in my life. I learned how lucky many of us are, especially me, and this should be appreciated.

She became a style icon and set trends herself.

Diana was very fond of fashion. Usually she chose her own clothes and even her own wedding ring. Traditionally, royal engagement rings are made to order, but the 19-year-old bride chose a ring from the catalog of jewelry brand Garrard. Now this famous white gold ring, adorned with a large sapphire and 14 diamonds, is worn by Duchess Kate Middleton .

The images and outfits of Lady Dee often contradicted royal norms, but they always aroused genuine admiration from the public and the press!

For example, in 1994, at an official event, Diana appeared in a very bold, unthinkable outfit for a member of the royal family. A tight-fitting black mini dress with open shoulders and a deep neckline made a splash, and the next day all the newspapers were full of photos of Lady Dee.

“Dress of revenge” Diana. It was 1994, a Vanity Fair party at London’s The Serpentine contemporary art gallery. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of the main guest of the evening, Princess Diana. The dress in which she was supposed to appear was from Valentino and met all the rules of royal etiquette related to the wife of the crown prince. But she arrived in something else… A dress by Greek designer Christina Stambolian, incredibly frank, completely violating etiquette. This dress hung in the princess’s closet for 3 years, it was not possible to wear it. Why she put on this dress became known only after many years. That evening, Diana decided to look like a million dollars, wear what she likes and do not give a damn about the rules of decency, because her husband Prince Charles finally frankly admitted his infidelities with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Before that, he spent a lot of time with Camilla, but denied the facts of betrayal. Lady Dee completed her look with a pearl necklace with a large blue sapphire. At the princess’s behest, this piece of jewelry was made from a brooch that Prince Charles had given her for her wedding. Now this dress is called the “dress of revenge”, it has become a symbol of the fact that a woman should look dazzling, no matter what happens. #princessadiana #ladydiana #ladydy #princecharles #princewilliam #princeharry #catemiddleton #meghanmarkle #harrymegan #royalfamily #royallife

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It turns out that it was on that day that Diana found out about her husband’s betrayal with Camilla Parker-Bowles . This outfit was later nicknamed the “revenge dress”.

She spoke frankly to the press

In 1995, Princess Diana gave a very frank interview to the BBC channel, telling the whole truth about her life in the royal family. In the conversation, she turned to Prince Charles’ longtime relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The female instinct is a good thing, of course, I knew about it from people who thought and cared about our family … There were three of us in this marriage, and that’s why it’s a little crowded.

The princess also did not deny her own possible romance when a journalist asked her if she had cheated on her husband with James Hewitt.

Yes, I adored him. I was in love with him, but at that moment I was very weak and vulnerable.

After her aides said that the prince’s wife later regretted it and tried to take control of the media. But time cannot be turned back: within a month of the interview, Diana’s press secretary resigned, and the Queen sent the couple a letter suggesting they divorce.

Princess Diana also spoke in an interview about her struggle with bulimia, which she said was the result of the stress she was under trying to save her marriage.

It’s like a hidden disease… You force it on yourself because your self-esteem is low and you don’t feel like you’re worthy or valuable. This is a recurring pattern that is very destructive to you.

She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty

Diana was always honest with people and sincerely showed compassion. She supported various charities, like many members of the royal family, but she did not do it like a princess.

She walked through a minefield in Angola to spread awareness about landmines, hugged Brazilian orphans, and shook hands with an HIV-positive patient when the disease was little known and feared by everyone.

HIV does not make people dangerous to communicate, – said the princess, – Therefore, you can shake hands with them or hug them: Heaven knows that they need it … Everyone needs to be appreciated. Everyone has the potential to give something in return.

She refused the formalities

When Diana spoke to the children, she always crouched down to be at their eye level.

Diana was the first member of the royal family to do so, said Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine. The royal family believed that people should respect and honor them, but Diana said: “If someone is nervous talking to you, or you are talking to a small child or a sick person, ‘come down’ to their level.”

I want to be a queen in the hearts of people, – so Diana said, and she certainly became one.

#RoyalVideoMemory An episode of Princess Diana’s famous interview for the BBC current affairs show Panorama. She was interviewed by the Journalist Martin Bashir. The interview was broadcast on 20 November 1995. The Princess referred to her relationship with Hewitt when she said to Bashir, “Yes, I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him. But I was very let down [by him]. ” Referring to her husband’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, she said, “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Of herself, she said, “I’d like to be a queen of people’s hearts.” On the Prince’s suitability for kingship, she stated, “Because I know the character I would think that the top job, as I call it, would bring enormous limitations to him, and I don’t know whether he could adapt to that.” . . . . #diana #princessdiana #queenofhearts #spencer #ladyd #monarchy #dresslikearoyal #britishroyalfamily #britishroyals #princecharles #bbc #panorama #1995 #interview #truth #ladydiana #divorce #royals #camillaparkerbowles #uk #london #martinbashir #peopleshearts

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