Denis Nikiforov with children in Suzdal

Denis Nikiforov with children in Suzdal

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Denis Nikiforov with children and wife Irina

The actor, known for the series Molodezhka and the Shadow Fight dilogy, shared with readers photos from Suzdal, where the Nikiforov family visited the international bike show Blues-Bike Festival. And suddenly met with another Denis… Matsuev!

Denis has long been interested in motorcycles: his passion is shared by children.

However, the actor with twins Alexander and Veronica also visited the Old Russian School in the chambers of the Suzdal Kremlin, where the girl decided to experience the punishment of standing in the corner on peas.

Denis Nikiforov posted a picture of his “punished” daughter on his page, but just in case he added: “Juvenile police, please do not worry.”

Do you and your children visit museums related to history and folk customs?

Photo: Instagram