Denis Matrosov spends time with children

Denis Matrosov spends time with children

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Actor and producer of theater and cinema, Denis Matrosov , published a new photo with his sons Ivan (6) and Fedor (2). And although the boys are stepbrothers (Ivan was married to actress Maria Kulikova, and Fedor was married to actress Olga Golovina), this does not interfere with their closeness.

In the picture, the children swim together with their dad in the pool, and earlier Denis shared with his subscribers frames from the birthday of Matrosov Jr., where Matrosov-middle is also present.

In addition, Ivan goes to hockey with his dad. Recall that Denis Matrosov is an active player of the star hockey team KomAr.

Obviously, the actor raises his son courageous, instills in him love for the Motherland. In honor of May 9, father and son laid flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier and took part in the procession of the Immortal Regiment.

And when the youngest son grows up, he will definitely share the hobbies of his brother and dad, as he already keeps them company on trips to the pool.

Photo: Instagram