Dedicated to all mothers: "Tally" with Charlize Theron

Dedicated to all mothers: "Tally" with Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron in the movie Tully On July 12, the film “Tully” will be released in Russian cinemas, in which the main role was played by Hollywood actress Charlize Theron . The director of the picture is Jason Reitman, known to the viewer from the films “Up in the Sky” and “Juno”.

“Tally” is the story of the mother of four children, Marlo, who almost broke down under the yoke of domestic worries, insomnia and the lack of any help from her husband. Her image was perfectly brought to life by Theron, who, for reliability, recovered by more than 20 kg.

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Charlize Theron in the movie Tully

The heroine Charlize, who was a positive and slender girl before the birth of her children, understands perfectly well: her forms have not been chiseled for a long time, fatigue is going through the roof, and sometimes you want to escape from children’s cries and whims. And the husband, instead of help and support, disappears somewhere with friends or fights with computer monsters for half the night.

A young woman is saved from despair and postpartum depression by an eccentric brother who sends a night nanny to Marlo as a gift. So a girl named Tully (Mackenzie Davis) appears in the family, who, like the Fairy Godmother, gives hope. And, like Mary Poppins, he brings a wind of change into the life of a mother of many children.

What will happen next – we will find out after the premiere. But, we think that we will not reveal the intrigue if we say: there are many episodes in the film that only mothers will understand. They may shock others. For example, the episode with the main character jogging included in the trailers.

This story will definitely interest those who have already experienced the hardships of the first months after the birth of their second / third / fourth (underline as appropriate) child or those who are just preparing to become a mother. And, of course, dads must watch. To learn how to be support and support for your family . After all, the wind of change is swift and unpredictable. And inevitable, like every coming day.

We are going to the cinema! Who is with us?

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