Declassified: Tatyana Tereshina is expecting a second child

Declassified: Tatyana Tereshina is expecting a second child

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Tanya Tereshina is expecting her second child

The ex-soloist of the Hi-Fi group accepts congratulations on two important occasions at once: the news of the upcoming wedding and pregnancy.

Note that the most attentive subscribers of Tatyana Tereshina ‘s microblog noticed slightly changed forms of her figure back in May – when the singer celebrated her birthday. However, at that time, the performer did not confess, dismissing the excuse about a good appetite. And now, as it turned out, half of the pregnancy has already passed.

There is still half the time left to rewind and on a diet, – Tereshina commented on the “pregnant” photo.

The noticeably rounded belly of the singer was also emphasized by the white dress in which the expectant mother walked around Monte Carlo with her daughter Aris . Fans of the star bombarded Tatyana with enthusiastic wishes of happiness. Colleagues in the person of Alena Vodonaeva and Katya Lel also congratulated Tereshina in the comments to the post.

The TV presenter shared a video with a trick that demonstrated how to hide a small tummy for the time being: “In life, of course, this is always noticeable, but with pictures, tricks go with a bang! So no photoshop needed.

About the groom and the father of the unborn child, Tatyana Tereshina prefers not to talk, calling him in her microblog “mr. Gray” because of the resemblance to actor Jamie Dornan, who played the role of Mr. Gray in “50 Shades of Grey”. Only the publication “Starhit” the singer named the name of the chosen one – Oleg.

Tanya Tereshina with her fiance

Tereshina shared the details of the future wedding celebration, which will take place on September 16. As Starhit writes, the bachelorette party will take place in an old estate in the Moscow region, the solemn ceremony will take place in the Wedding Palace in the VEGAS Crocus City shopping center, and the holiday itself will take place in a restaurant nearby. Among the guests are only the closest: Lera Kudryavtseva, Anfisa Chekhova, Sasha Savelyeva, Yulia Volkova, Yulia Kovalchuk, Lesha Chumakov, Vika Lopyreva and others.

Tanya Tereshina with her daughter Aris

Recall that Tereshina is raising her four-year-old daughter Aris. The girl was born in a relationship between the singer and TV presenter Slava Nikitin, which ended in a public scandal. Therefore, like any mother, it was important for Tatyana that her new chosen one find a common language with the child and that Aris accept him. and, judging by the photos in the microblog of the star mom, there is complete mutual understanding in the relationship between Oleg and the girl.

We congratulate Tatyana Tereshina and wish you an easy pregnancy!

Photo: Instagram@tanya_tereshina