David and Victoria Beckham celebrate 19 years of marriage

David and Victoria Beckham celebrate 19 years of marriage

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The most stylish star couple – Victoria and David Beckham – celebrates the 19th wedding anniversary on July 4th. This year, the famous couple arranged a romantic dinner in a restaurant:

Everyone knows and remembers the love story of David and Victoria by heart. And how can I forget this: a modest guy from the English football club Manchester United saw Victoria Adams for the first time on TV during a performance by the super popular Spice Girls .

He liked the fragile girl in tight-fitting overalls at first sight. After that, fate brought them together by chance at a party after a football match, and David, overcoming all modesty, decided to talk to her. It was a fateful meeting: after it, the lovers no longer parted!

Less than a year after they met, the couple announced their engagement and began to prepare for the wedding. But the plans were broken … by the unexpected pregnancy of the bride. The wedding had to be postponed.

They got married on July 4, 1999 – a private wedding ceremony took place in the ancient castle of Luttrellstone, on the outskirts of Dublin.

Victoria looked flawless in a Vera Wang dress with a six-meter train and a tiara by Slim Barrett. It is not surprising that the ceremony was included in the list of the brightest weddings of the century.

The wedding was also attended by the Beckhams’ 4-month-old son, Brooklyn.

Victoria gave birth to Brooklyn despite being diagnosed with infertility at the age of 20. After the birth of their first child, the star couple decided that they would not stop at one and would try to have more babies. At the same time, the star parents immediately agreed that they would only nurse and raise children themselves.

They kept their promise to themselves – David and Victoria devote maximum of their time to their children. Their blogs are always full of family photos and videos, while many celebrities try not to show their family life once again.

Now the most stylish couple are the happy parents of three boys and a girl!

Brooklyn is already 19 years old, he studies the art of photography at the famous Parsons School of Design in New York.

The second son Romeo was born in September 2002. The boy at the age of 8 entered the list of the most stylish gentlemen in Britain in 2010 according to GQ magazine, proudly taking 26th place there. By the way, Romeo is even ahead of Prince William in this ranking!

The boy is very sensitive to his appearance. Until he picks up perfectly matching things, he does not go out into the street: all in his mother!

Now Romeo tries himself in the modeling business.

The third son of the Beckhams, Cruz , was born in 2005, when David and Victoria had a difficult period: the couple were on the verge of a divorce. Friends of the star couple gave the baby the nickname “Cement” because his birth helped cement and hold the marriage of Victoria and David.

When Cruz was younger, his main interest was dancing. Now the guy is more into music.

On July 10, 2011, the couple had a long-awaited daughter, who was named Harper Seven. Victoria dreamed of a daughter for several years. As the star mom admitted, she wanted to give the girl a manicure, teach how to paint and go shopping together.

The appearance of a daughter in the family also pleased David. He has a beloved girl with whom he often spends time together. A real daddy’s daughter is growing!

Harper, at some point, became interested in … football, which made her father very happy, but upset her mother. Victoria quickly sent Harper to ballet school, and the footage from the football field stopped.

David, who always dreamed of a big football team consisting of his children, was left with nothing. All his sons are passionate about anything but sports!

For such a long union around the pair of Victoria and David, rumors and gossip often arose, but these always remained only rumors. Repeatedly, the yellow press wrote about the upcoming divorce of the star couple. But Victoria briefly answered all questions that she believed David.

David is my other half, soul mate. He is the most wonderful husband in the world. We are perfect for each other. He inspires me every day: the way he takes care of the children, of me. We are incredibly lucky to have each other.

After so many years of living together, Victoria and David still look at each other with loving eyes, and often exchange touching messages on their blogs.

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