Daughters-mothers: Irina Shayk and Leah for a walk

Daughters-mothers: Irina Shayk and Leah for a walk

24.05.2022 0 By admin

32-year-old Russian model Irina Shayk became a mother in March 2017. The runway star gave birth to a daughter with Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper . On her blog, Irina never showed her baby Leia , but thanks to the paparazzi, fans of the star couple know what the girl looks like.

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Irina has repeatedly said why she is not a supporter of publicizing her personal life:

Personal life is personal because it belongs only to you. It doesn’t just seem like I’m actually protecting her. Outside of work, I am an ordinary person, I want to live a normal life and move freely outside my home.

The other day, fresh photos of Irina and her daughter Leah appeared on a walk in a park in Manhattan.

Irina, in a recent interview, spoke very briefly about how she is raising her daughter:

Yes, I am a strict mother. I’m Russian, and I’m also a Capricorn.

Sometimes the girl walks with her parents. Such touching photos.

Who do you think Leia looks like?

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