Daughter Jasmine is growing up as a real princess

Daughter Jasmine is growing up as a real princess

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Daughter Jasmine

Singer Jasmine and her daughter Margarita Shor are distinguished by their extraordinary femininity, but in the last video that the famous mom shared with fans, the girl simply amazes with her ability to present herself.

In the video, Margarita plays with Disney toy princesses and herself is not inferior to fairy-tale heroines in grace and coquetry. Even her gestures are more like ballet steps.

But the most interesting thing is that all these movements, facial expressions and manner of communication are completely natural for the baby. In addition, when asked by her mother about which of the princesses Rita loves the most, she answers: Belle. And she explains her choice by the fact that Beauty is not only beautiful, but also has a good heart, because she fell in love with the Beast, despite his terrifying appearance.

Jasmine definitely has something to be proud of, because her daughter not only grows up as a real princess, but also appreciates spiritual qualities in people much above everything else.

Do you think Margarita looks like a little princess?

Photo: Instagram