Dad's daughter: Sergey Bezrukov showed his daughter

Dad's daughter: Sergey Bezrukov showed his daughter

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Sergei Bezrukov and Anna Matison

Sergei Bezrukov and his wife Anna Mathison , who recently announced their second pregnancy, carefully guard their baby Masha and do not show her face to the public. The actor, if he shows a photo with his daughter, then only from the back or side. And what was the surprise of the fans when Sergey posted a photo with his daughter on his microblog page, on which he does not hide Masha’s face.

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Obviously, in anticipation of a second child (in the photo from the red carpet of the recently ended 29th Kinotavr, Anna Mathison’s tummy is already clearly visible), the couple decided to “declassify” their eldest daughter.

HAPPY AND BEAUTIFUL❤❤❤ Yesterday, June 9, at the 29th Kinotavr festival, the premiere of the film “Reserve” took place. It was presented to the audience by the director Anna Matison and the general producer and lead actor Sergei Bezrukov. And today at 12.20 there will be a press conference with the filmmakers. SERGEY BEZRUKOV: “We shot this film without state support, on our own, on credit, so thanks to all sponsors, friends and everyone who helped. Thanks to the stars who played small roles and agreed to work for free. And all this thanks to Dovlatov” ANNA MATison: “We didn’t make a biopic. How to show the hero-writer if this is our contemporary and, according to the conditions of the plot, is not known, is not published? Hours spent in front of a blank sheet of paper? An abundance of off-screen text? “, and I had to admit: it’s simply not cinematic. At the same time, the profession of a musician so organically replaced one creative profession with another and required so few changes that it was decided to stop at this option. The plot remained unchanged, the action still takes place in the Pushkin Reserve , and Pushkin is a kind of another invisible character in the film. Our group was the first to be allowed to shoot feature films inside Trigorsko go and Mikhailovsky. But the main filming block took place in Moscow. On the territory of one of the capital’s parks, we chose a large area, very similar to the one where holidays are held in Mikhailovsky, they put up huge letters “Pushkin” like the Hollywood inscription. We recreated this inscription one-on-one and built a whole festive complex, imagining that an international festival was taking place in Pushkinskiye Gory. All this allowed us to create a bright, modern picture that works for the idea. It is no coincidence that Sergei Donatovich himself, when he was working on the design of the Zapovednik book, said that gray views with stones do not suit this story. will become one of the happiest in their lives!

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In the photo, Masha, who will turn two in two weeks, draws with enthusiasm and does not pay any attention to her famous dad. And Sergey signed his post like this:

Filming… performances… work… worries… AND HAPPINESS IS SITTING NEARBY AND COLORING THE PICTURES!!!!!!!! And that is the meaning of life! And in this HAPPINESS!!!!!!

Users are actively discussing who Masha looks more like, but so far they have not come to a consensus: “Daddy’s beauty”, “Serious like that. Mom’s daughter”, “Talent”.

The couple announced the future addition to the family shortly before Kinotavr: Sergey posted an emotional post on his page.

Recall that two years ago, Anna Matison and Sergei Bezrukov already came to Kinotavr to present their film After You. Then the wife of the actor was in position.

Anna and Sergey’s romance happened on the set of the film “Milky Way”, where Mathison acted as a director, and Bezrukov played the main role. On March 11, 2016, the lovers legalized their relationship, and on July 4 of the same year, their first daughter was born.

We wish Mashenka success in her creative endeavors, and Anna and Sergey a happy birth of another baby. We will follow the news!

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