Daddy's daughters: 15 incredibly cute photos. Part 1

Daddy's daughters: 15 incredibly cute photos. Part 1

24.05.2022 0 By admin
daughters of Timati, Ivan Urgant, Pavel Priluchny In the photo: Alisa Yunusova, Nina Urgant and Mia Priluchnaya

With the advent of daughters , even the most brutal men turn into incredibly sweet and caring daddies. They groom and cherish their daughters and, along with mothers, are engaged in their upbringing: they walk, play, feed, entertain and indulge in every possible way. Even if all my life I dreamed of heirs:

All my life I wanted a son. But when the daughter appeared, everything changed. I realized that this is some kind of intangible, but very special connection. I am still waiting for my son, but if another daughter appears, I will not be upset at all, rather, I will be incredibly happy


In this collection, we will show photos of the charming daughters of Russian celebrities, and in the next one, expect a touching portion of young princesses of Western stars!

Timati with daughter Alice

Dzhigan with three of his babies

© Instagram @iamgeegun

Basta with daughters

Ivan Urgant with his “girls”

Sergey Svetlakov with his daughter Anastasia

Anton Makarsky with his daughter Maria

Sergey Bezrukov with little Masha

© Instagram @s_bezrukov

Pavel Volya with his daughter Sofia

Vitaly Gogunsky with his daughter Milana

Pavel Priluchny with baby Mia

© Instagram @bugevuge

Ivan Zhidkov with his daughter Masha

Stas Bondarenko with his daughter Alexia

Maxim Maxaim Trankov with his daughter Angelica

Vlad Sokolovsky with his daughter Mia

© Instagram @vs20

Yevgeny Papunaishvili with Princess Sofia

© Instagram @e_papunaishvili

Pavel Trubiner with his daughter Elizabeth

© Instagram @paveltrubiner_official

Arkady Ukupnik with his daughter Sofia

© Instagram @ukupnik_2017

Nikita Panfilov with his daughter Aurora

© Instagram @panfilov_nikita

Dmitry Tarasov with his daughters

© Instagram @tarasov23

Rezo Gigineishvili with daughter Nina

© Instagram @rezofilm

Mikhail Galustyan with his daughters

© Instagram @m_galustyan
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