Dad is tired: 13 star photos

Dad is tired: 13 star photos

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Recently, we are increasingly seeing caring, loving and responsible dads among celebrities who walk with babies, feed them, read fairy tales, keep order in the house … This is how it should be in an ideal world.

In fact, any dad, even a star, who spent more than 30 minutes with a child looks something like this:

Singer Michael Buble

©Instagram @michaelbuble

Dave Gardner (husband of Liv Tyler with their children)

©Instagram @misslivalittle
©Instagram @davidgardner

Singer John Legend

Rap artist Kanye West

©Instagram @kimkardashian

Lev Geykhman (ex-husband of Keti Topuria )

©Instagram @olivia_geykhman

Actor Alec Baldwin

©Instagram @hilariabaldwin

Figure skater Maxim Trankov

©Instagram @xam_trankov

Comedy Club Resident Garik Kharlamov

©Instagram @asmuskristina

Actor Aaron Paul

©Instagram @laurenpaul8

Rap artist Timati

Singer Vlad Sokolovsky

Actor Jemal Tetruashvili turned out to be the hardiest of all and signed his picture on the blog like this:

@medynich you’re wrong, holidays with children are really great 🙌🏻 I’m generally on a vigor 🕺🏻

©Instagram @tetrua

Do you have photos of tired dads in the family album? Share in the comments!

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