Cute maternity t-shirts: your tummy will love it!

Cute maternity t-shirts: your tummy will love it!

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Expecting a baby is a wonderful time in the life of a future mother. And even if the tummy is completely invisible, many are already choosing “pregnant” T-shirts for themselves. They are also loved by those whose tummy does not need additional comments at all.

A variety of t-shirt prints, chosen by expectant mothers, are always fun and funny. They are great for lifting the mood. Therefore, if you suffer from toxicosis or heartburn, put on a T-shirt that is designed specifically for pregnant women. And vitality will grow!

The most important weight in the world is a little baby in the mother’s stomach

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I’m watching you. More specifically, I’m eavesdropping.

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And joking about the fact that mom ate watermelon will no longer work …

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…or will it work?

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I’m here! Always with mom

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And you are not tired of the question “Who are you waiting for?”

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Pregnancy with Russian flavor…

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The keys to the lock can be picked up only after nine months

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And the baby is comfortable there: swims, kicks, grows …

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Of course, the stork brings babies!

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Now such legs, and then there will be the sweetest little heels

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For those whose baby is born in December-January

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Well, very mi-mi-bear maternity t-shirt!

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For expectant mothers who love “pregnant” body art

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And this T-shirt is for those who like the word “bubbler”

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A music lover will be born!

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There will be a girl, 100%!

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It seems that someone re-read quotes from the Internet …

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For those who are waiting for replenishment in the family in the winter

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Mom just had a good appetite…

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Attention: twins!

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Do you have a “pregnant” T-shirt?

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