Constance Hall unveiled another parody of Kate Middleton

Constance Hall unveiled another parody of Kate Middleton

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The self-proclaimed “Queen” of Australia, mum-blogger Constance Hall presented her version of the discharge from the clinic a la Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton with newborn Prince Louis.

The couple’s third child, Prince Louis Arthur Charles , was born on April 23 at St Mary’s Hospital in London. And 7 hours after the birth of the baby, she introduced her son to journalists, who, according to tradition, besieged all the approaches to the building. Perfect as always, Prince William’s wife has caused a wave of parodies from creative moms around the world. And all because the radiant and beautiful Kate was in no way associated in the minds of mothers as a woman exhausted by childbirth.

Constance Hall is not shy about showing in her microblog that motherhood is not a glossy picture at all . And so she arranged her discharge from the hospital in the spirit of Kate and William, but in her own style: truthful, but cheerful.

To begin with, the newly-made father Denim Cook, along with his older children, came to meet the young mother and child two days after the birth. And Constance, like Kate Middleton, wore a red dress. But that’s where the similarity ends. The blogger mom looked like a mom after giving birth: shocked, tired, in compression stockings and with a pretty visible belly.

What do you think about the parody?

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