Codename: funny nicknames for the royal family

Codename: funny nicknames for the royal family

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The other day it became known what nickname Prince Charles gave to his new daughter-in-law – Meghan Markle. We were curious and decided to find out what kind of addresses to other family members are accepted at Buckingham Palace.

All members of the royal family have a number of official titles and honorary titles , as well as incredibly long and difficult to pronounce names. But at home they call each other quite differently!

Queen Elizabeth II

Nicknames: Tillabet, Lilibet, Cabbage, Gen-Gen, Gary

For most of us, she is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but those close to her call her quite differently. As a child, when the queen was very young and unable to pronounce her name, she called herself “Tillabet”, which eventually became “Lilibet”. This nickname has since become attached to the Queen, which is why family members still call Elizabeth II ” Lilibet “.

But the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip , calls his beloved strangely, but affectionately … ” cabbage ” (from English – cabbage). After the film The Queen was released in 2006, the nickname of the Duke of Edinburgh’s wife was “revealed”. In one of the sex scenes, Philip says to Her Majesty, played by Helen Mirren: “Move over, Cabbage.” The origin of this nickname is unknown: apparently, this personal history will remain a royal secret.

Little Prince George gave his great-grandmother the nickname ” Gan-Gan ” (Gan-Gan – from greatgrandmother). According to royal biographer Kitty Kelly, the term is often used by children in reference to great-grandmothers. The boy himself is affectionately called ” Georgie ” in the family. But the name of his younger sister (Charlie, Char, Lotte and Lottie) is not yet known: the Dukes of Cambridge are trying very hard to leave this information inside the family.

However, not only little George came up with a funny name for the Queen. It turns out that when his dad, Prince William , was little, he couldn’t pronounce “grandma” and just called his grandma ” Gary “.

Prince Charles

Nicknames: Pa, Fred

Prince Charles is perhaps the only person in the royal family who does not have many nicknames. His sons Harry and William call him “Pa” for short.

But the wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, calls Charles the secret name of Fred. Rumor has it that during the life of Princess Diana, who knew that her husband was dating Camilla, the couple exchanged bracelets, which they still wear to this day. These gold bracelets also feature two intertwined letters “G” and “F”, which stand for “Gladys” and “Fred” – the royal couple’s code names for each other.

Prince William

Nicknames: Wills, Wombat, Steve, baby…

Prince William was nicknamed “the wombat ” by his late mother, Princess Diana. In one of his old interviews, he said that this is how his mother called him in childhood:

This nickname has somehow stuck to me and I can’t get rid of it. When I was 2 years old, we went to Australia with my parents, and the wombat is such a local animal. Since then, I have received this nickname. Not because I look like a wombat, but maybe that’s why too.

In his youth, Prince William became ” Wils “, however, and now many friends call him that. While at university, the prince acquired a new “code name” – ” Steve “, which was given to him for security reasons.

But wife Katherine calls her beloved the affectionate word ” baby ” (babe), like many young people in love.

Prince Harry

Nicknames: Spike Wells, Ginger

It turns out that the real name of the prince is not Harry at all, but Henry! But in his family from early childhood he was called Harry, and this name is now used even in official sources.

Princess Diana had another cute nickname for her youngest son – ” Ginger “, which means “red” or affectionately “redhead”. It is said that Prince William still sometimes jokingly teases his brother like that.

The second nickname ” Spike Wells ” Harry came up with himself when he secretly signed up for Facebook. He used this pseudonym for four years, but after that he had to delete the page.

Duchess Kate

Nicknames: Doll (Poppet), Squeak (Squeak), Baby

As children, Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa had guinea pigs. One was called “Pip” (Pip), and the other – “Squeak” (Squeak). Both sisters received corresponding nicknames at school.

Prince William usually calls his wife by her full name – Katherine – but in private he calls her affectionately ” baby “, ” baby ” and ” darling “.

Meghan Markle

Nicknames: Flower, Princess, Tungsten

Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, loves her daughter very much and affectionately calls her ” flower ” or ” my flower ” since childhood. The Duchess of Sussex’s dad said in a recent interview that his daughter “was always a princess to him.”

But Megan’s father-in-law, Prince Charles, calls her daughter-in-law a very unusual nickname – ” tungsten “! As the future king of England explained, his son’s wife is as “tough and unbending as tungsten.” And that’s exactly what his son needs, because Harry can be “so soft.”

Prince Harry himself calls his wife “Meg”. Surely there are other, more intimate, affectionate nicknames, but they are not yet known to the public.

Will wait!

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