Clouds, caterpillars, unicorns and other cute crib bumpers

Clouds, caterpillars, unicorns and other cute crib bumpers

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Why do you need soft bumpers in cribs? First of all, to protect the baby from injury. While the child is very tiny and still does not know how to turn, he lies quietly. But as soon as activity increases, he can hit the walls of the crib, stick a leg or handle through the bars – and get stuck.

Young mothers try to surround their children with beauty, so they choose the appropriate bumpers. We found out which are the most relevant today, and were amazed – they are so cute.

If you are currently looking for baby cot bumpers, this will inspire you.

For a little prince or princess

Instagram @rumahbantaljogja

Some bumpers are quite simple in design, the main thing is the combination of colors and beautiful fabrics.

Instagram @irinazhogova
Instagram @maryshi_ua
Instagram @maryshi_ua

For the little ones, the sides should be very soft …

Instagram @la_millou

The most popular, perhaps, are the bumpers made of toy pillows. Among their variety, you can find animals and cartoon characters beloved by kids. For example…

…deer, bunnies, unicorns, dogs and owls in different colors

Instagram @bortiki_ladydibaby1
Instagram @anna__ruchka
Instagram @astra_kids

Crowns – an option for little princesses

Instagram @larriesbooo

Bunnies of extraordinary cuteness

Instagram @top_krovatka

Again, bunnies, owls, cubs …

Instagram @yuliasleepplay

…and Winnie the Pooh with friends!

Instagram @ladydi_bortiki_vnalichii

And where without clouds?

Instagram @sweetmoms_for_you

Long sides for a crib usually resemble funny snakes…

Instagram @chelikacheli

…or caterpillars

Instagram @milli_kids_textile

Although … Why not a horse?

Instagram @dreamland_babydecor
Instagram @dreamland_babydecor

Another option – pigtail sides

Instagram @mamuska.nieperfekcyjna
Instagram @thelittleswanboutique

Or such a variation, as if sewn from soft cubes

Instagram @milli_kids_textile

You can perfectly fit them into the interior by “drawing” a city on one of the walls

Instagram @villebabe

Or protect the baby from injury… with an octopus!

Instagram @nordlifeau

And if you want the crumbs to be visible, this option will suit you.

Instagram @dadaandrocco

What are the sides of your baby’s crib?

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