City Day in Moscow: stars congratulated the capital

City Day in Moscow: stars congratulated the capital

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Moscow birthday

Every year in early September, Moscow celebrates City Day. By tradition, these days everyone enjoys walking around the dressed-up capital, attending concert venues, festivals, participating in contests and flash mobs, and watching fireworks at the end of the holiday.

We decided to share with you congratulations to the city from famous parents. Happy City Day, Moscow!

Mariya Kozhevnikova

With the birth of my children, I left Moscow, which I love very much, with its rhythm of life, with its endless possibilities … I was lucky to be born in this unique city, literally in everything, to study, train and perform, I proudly bear the title – Champion of Moscow , which I received back in 12 years 🙈 in general, I love my native Moscow and on this day I want to congratulate everyone, its residents and guests, with the fact that this amazing city gives unforgettable memories and it is here that you can hear the heart of Russia knocking!

And another important point, which depends exactly only on us, and not on the decisions of officials, let’s take care of everything that surrounds us, every flower, petal, bring garbage to the bin and clean up after our animals on the street !!! Congratulations, Moscow!

Christina Orbakaite

I congratulated my hometown all day long! ☀️ #city day #moscow love you ❤️

Christina Orbakaite ©Instagram @ orbakaite_k

Dmitry Tarasov

Happy birthday, beloved Moscow! I am proud to be your indigenous resident.

©Instagram @ tarasov23

Inna Malikova

Happy birthday, beloved city, beloved Moscow! One of the most beautiful cities in the world! Today we start a festive marathon in Butovo, and then we sing at a concert on Poklonnaya Hill. Who will be? 💙 We crossed paths with Dimulya at one of the concerts, even though we talked heartily 🤗

Olympics Teterich

This city is ours with you
We became his fate… Moscow is 871 years old. After all, the main thing is women’s happiness;) And our capital, out of love, got married back in 2010 and blossomed straight. Advice and love and more 😉 ❤️

Irina Dubtsova

Behind me is the most beautiful city on Earth! Happy birthday MOSCOW ♥️

Polina Dibrova

Beloved Moscow! Congratulations on your anniversary! The lines didn’t scare us 🤪
By the way, the entrance for large families is free, at least once a year I used the certificate 🤨

©Instagram @ polinadibrova

Gosha Kutsenko

Blessed Mountain! Bow!… Happy Hero City Day. Moscow!!!! )))

©Instagram @ goshakutsenko

Tatiana Navka

A beautiful city of contrasts, perfectly combining the eclecticism of antiquity and modernity, living 24/7 in a non-stop rhythm. City of art, science, politics, business, great opportunities and hopes! Of course, it’s all about you, Moscow!
Happy City Day, our beautiful Capital! 🎉🎉🎉

©Instagram @ tatiana_navka


Happy holiday, dear Muscovites! Happy Day of our beautiful city to all of you!

Alika Smekhova

What a beautiful day today👻First of all, this is the day of my native and beloved city💖wherever I am, I always strive back, home, to Moscow👣

©Instagram @ alika_smekhova

Natasha Koroleva

Today was a wonderful festive evening!!! Me and my # gang queen congratulated Moscow on the 871st anniversary!!! Hooray, Capital!!! You’re beautiful!!!

Lera Kudryavtseva

Happy birthday to our beloved Moscow!!! ❤️

©Instagram @leratv

Oksana Fedorova

Moscow! How much this sound has merged for the heart of a Russian, how much has resonated in it … “Today is the birthday of the capital of our Motherland – a beautiful and amazing city 🌟 that I love to everyone ❤ I want to wish Moscow the birthday girl every year to become more beautiful and better❣ and congratulations to Muscovites and guests of the capital on City Day🎉🎉🎉

©Instagram @ fedorovaoksana

Daria Pynzar

Moscow, I love you!

Maria Pogrebnyak

Happy Holidays #soulfulmoscow

©Instagram @mariapoga_

Stas Piekha

Happy City Day, my dear Moscow!

Polina Gagarina

Happy birthday, beloved Moscow! ❤️ bloom, conquer, fall in love with yourself more and more!

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