Christina Asmus admitted that she has two children!

Christina Asmus admitted that she has two children!

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Christine Asmus

30-year-old actress Kristina Asmus recently published a video with her husband Garik Kharlamov and daughter Nastya, who jokingly signed:

There are two children in our family

In the video, dad and child are very passionate about playing in the hall with children’s slot machines.

A daughter in a star family was born in January 2014 and all this time they hid her appearance. Only on June 1 of this year, Asmus decided to show the girl’s face.

As many subscribers of the actress have noticed, Nastya looks like a dad.

A week later, the actress published a touching post dedicated to the 5th wedding anniversary with Garik Kharlamov. Christina Asmus admitted that, despite completely different views on many things, she was very lucky with her husband.

My husband doesn’t like to take pictures, so I’m posting old ones))) Today @garikkharlamov and I are having a wooden wedding)))) 👫 Exactly 5 years ago we got married)) 💍 We’ve been together for 6 years, but it seems that always… What and not there was nothing before my husband.. We have grown so close to each other.. 🤲🏻 Yes, 5 years of marriage may not be so much… But I can definitely say – no matter what.., Garik is my dearest person, my blood, my brotherhood. ❤️ I love you madly, admire you, reach out for you and in many ways equal myself. I love you with all your childishness and capriciousness, with your snoring and lack of performance..))))) 😜 But!! You are tearing for your family as you would for anything in this life… And you are just a super-ideal loving father!! 👨‍👧I’m so lucky… Yes, we are very different, we have opposing views on almost everything, but we can agree with you and it’s cool!🧘🏼‍♀️ You know how to listen and hear, I love it in you. We talk a lot, we go crazy a lot 💥, we go to cafes and movies, visit, we love to travel, go to concerts, we love to do everything together🤟🏻 .. the main thing is with pauses 😁 )))))) You are super talented, super kind and super cool friend !!! I just feel very good with you…. Let’s continue so easy… my fortress… 🏰 I love pipets…. 🔥

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In response to a public declaration of love for her husband, the actress received a large bouquet of flowers and a funny congratulation from Garik!

Who do you think the girl looks more like – dad or mom?

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Photo and video: Instagram