Choice of stars: the brightest inflatable accessories for the sea and the pool

Choice of stars: the brightest inflatable accessories for the sea and the pool

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Inflatable Star Pool Accessories

Inflatable accessories in the pool and on the sea are necessary for both children and adults. And if for kids – for the purpose of safety, then for adults – for comfortable swimming and beautiful photos on Instagram. We will find out what is most popular with domestic stars this summer season.

Claudia Zemtsova , daughter of Christina Orbakaite , like many of her peers, loves to ride rainbow ponies in the water.

Polina Gagarina at sea turns into a cheerful child. The singer’s inflatable unicorn even has a name – Gosha. And the popular performer in the marine arsenal has another hit of this summer – flamingos.

In the Instagram of actress Alika Smekhova , we also found a photo with a flamingo.

Kids love flamingos! And Alla-Victoria Kirkorova is no exception!

And her brother Martin Kirkorov , like all boys, loves starships!

Ksenia Borodina , as it turned out, is very partial to bright inflatable pool accessories. The TV presenter does not hide this: “I love it when the tape is in juicy pictures.”

The little daughter of Enrique Iglesias, Lucy , swings on the waves in the “embraces” of an inflatable crab.

Actress Maria Kozhevnikova makes sure that children do not get sunstroke. Therefore, on the water – only under the roof.

But figure skater Maria Petrova and her daughter prefer birds.

The ex-host of the Eagle and Tails travel show Nastya Korotkaya also has a photo with an inflatable white swan.

Actress Anastasia Makeeva is not indifferent to Geese-Swans))))

And Anna Khilkevich – to the toucans.

Do you like air mattresses and all kinds of circles for the pool?

Photo: Instagram