Children-Polina-Barcelona: the Dibrov family in Spain

Children-Polina-Barcelona: the Dibrov family in Spain

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Polina Dibrova and her three sons – Alexander (8), Fedor (4) and Ilya (3) – prepared thoroughly for the trip. In addition to standard luggage, we took a balance bike, scooters and even decorations for my mother’s upcoming birthday. The necessary things should be at hand, and you should travel with pleasure and comfort, – all family members believe.

And even a small incident during passport control could not overshadow the mood of Polina and her sons. It turned out that the border guard did not believe the young mother that all three children were hers, and asked to see their birth certificates, which, alas, were not with him. But fortunately, everything ended well, all passengers were able to fly to rest.

Interestingly, the girl herself regarded this incident as a compliment, and not as a nuisance. But the fans were surprised: this is the first rule of a traveling mother – to take the children’s documents (originals!) With you. And the necessary requirement of airports and train stations.

Now the family is already resting in Spain and mommy even managed to share the first Barcelona photos with subscribers and fans.

There is still a lot of fun ahead for vacationers. Warm sea, bright sun, Gaudi architecture, delicious Mediterranean cuisine. We wish the Dibrov family a good rest! We hope that the head of the family, Dmitry Dibrov , will be able to get out to his wife and children for a couple of days. At least for Polina’s birthday, which will take place on July 16!

Have you forgotten your children’s birth certificates while traveling?

Photo: Instagram