Children of Philip Kirkorov have fun in Israel

Children of Philip Kirkorov have fun in Israel

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Philip Kirkorov tries not to part with his children for a long time. It is not surprising that the artist, going on tour to Israel, took his daughter and son with him.

Well, here we are! SHALOM, ISRAEL!! See you on June 28&29, in TEL AVIV, at the Most Prestigious Concert Hall “Heihal ha tarbut”! In the meantime, let’s enjoy a 3-day mini vacation and walk around the Holy Places in the Holy Land, and meet friends that I haven’t seen for many years! See you at 28&29 June, TEL AVIV , “HEIHAl HA TARBUT”, at 20.30. My new SHOW “Me” by @Franco.dragone @dragoneofficial Photo by @phot.on Look by @philippplein78

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The king of the Russian stage began his summer concert season with the show “I” in Sochi, where he also brought his children. Kirkorov teaches children to the stage from childhood! Watch how they perform dad’s hit “My Bunny”:

While the singer is busy with rehearsals and business meetings in Tel Aviv, Alla Victoria (6.5) and Martin-Kristin (6) are having a great time on the beach and in the hotel pool.

It’s good to have a dad who makes such fun summer holidays!

Where do your children spend their summers?

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