Children of Irina Slutskaya conquer the ice

Children of Irina Slutskaya conquer the ice

24.05.2022 0 By admin

39-year-old Irina Slutskaya , having completed her sports career in 2006, became a TV presenter of sports news, as well as a participant and host of popular television ice shows and television projects. But Irina is growing up a worthy replacement!

The athlete’s son Artyom (10.5) is engaged in hockey, and the daughter Varvara (7.5) is figure skating.

The other day, a proud mother published on her blog a photo from the training of children: little athletes stand on the ice, each in their own uniform:

Little Barbara is lucky: her mother can personally train her, as well as help with advice and share experience.

Varyuha took 2nd place!!!! Mother’s pride! Always!!!!!

Tell us, what sports are your children interested in?

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Photo and video: Instagram