Checklist: things your child will need in kindergarten

Checklist: things your child will need in kindergarten

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Mothers of future kindergarteners often make the mistake traditional for all caring parents – they buy too many things in anticipation of visiting this preschool. To save the family budget (and nerves at the same time!), we have compiled a checklist of necessary purchases.

#1: Pajamas

Two sets of sleepwear will suffice. Opt for cotton pajamas. Check with the caregivers about the temperature regime at a time when the central heating is not yet working. If there is no heater in the bedroom, the child may also need a set of warm pajamas.

#2: Panties

Is your baby going to nursery? Even if the baby is already “friends” with the potty, buy 5-7 panties. And let them lie in the locker – they will come in handy. For a child who goes to the younger group, 3-4 panties will be enough. Most likely, they will lie there – but for your peace of mind that the child is always dry, this is necessary.

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#3: Mikey

Buy 2-3 T-shirts. And here’s what for:

  • wear under a T-shirt in the cold season;
  • sleep in a T-shirt – in the heat.

#4: Pantyhose

The optimal number is 7-8 pairs. Tights should not be tight, easy to put on and not “bubble” at the knees.

#5: Shoes


Many parents buy indoor slippers for their children in kindergarten. But, as practice shows, it is better to opt for sandals with a closed “nose” – so as not to cling to the carpet and avoid falls. Pay attention to the presence of an arch support and a hard back.

Shoes must be Velcro. This is due to the fact that at an early age, children still do not know how to tie their shoelaces on their own. Therefore, educators ask parents to purchase shoes that the baby can fasten and unfasten without assistance.

No. 7: Sportswear

In kindergarten, it is traditional: black shorts, a white T-shirt, white socks, Czech shoes. One set is enough.

No. 8: T-shirts


To make your baby comfortable in kindergarten, dress him in those T-shirts where there are no laces, ties and buttons. Firstly, the child himself will not cope with them, and secondly, the presence of unnecessary details creates discomfort.

No. 9: Jacket or vest

If the kindergarten is cool, the crumbs will need something that can be thrown over their shoulders. However, as practice shows, this is very rare. But caring mothers always leave a blouse in the children’s locker – just in case.

No. 10: Thermal stickers with the name of the child

Lockers for clothes in kindergarten are like black holes – things are often lost in them. So sign your child’s things. This can be done using special thermal stickers or in a simple way – write the name of the baby with a ballpoint pen on the wrong side of the T-shirt, shorts, shoe soles.

What completely unnecessary things did you buy for your child in kindergarten? Share in the comments – note to other mothers!

Photo: South Marston Primary, Novak Djokovic Foundation, JSTOR Daily, Papilio Early Learning