Cellulite – yes! Women post 'unsmoothed' photos

Cellulite – yes! Women post 'unsmoothed' photos

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The beach season has already begun! Some may have managed to lose weight by the summer, while others simply accepted themselves as they are and immediately got rid of a lot of problems.

Let’s be honest: when we go to the beach, we don’t see Victoria’s Secret models there, but ordinary women. With imperfect bodies, cellulite , stretch marks after childbirth and wrinkles on the stomach, and this is completely … normal!

Moreover, the popular movement “body positivity” is only gaining momentum every year. Its goal is to fight against the standards of beauty imposed by the media and the desire to encourage people to accept their own and other people’s bodies as they are.

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Take, for example, cellulite, which has always been considered almost a terrible defect. But even slim girls have it! Now, many women do not see anything wrong with these dimples and do not try to hide their hips under jeans and long skirts.

To show what real beach bodies look like, we have collected photos and quotes from popular Instagram girls that prove that cellulite should not prevent a beach holiday!

Kerestyn Walker, @bigbodymami

Beach day… oyeeee!

Leuryck Ortiz Valentin,@leuryck_valentin

I don’t make excuses for living my life and loving my body the way it is.

Jennifer Olsby, @fit_jennipher

Learning to be in harmony and peace with things that I cannot change (like cellulite on my thighs)

Natalie Lorenzo, @lordenzo__

Roundness, cellulite and varicose veins are cute, bro

Daniel Vanier, @daniellevanier

I am the queen of the cellulite party!

Loe Lane, @loeybug

I love my life

Carmen René @ eatthecaketoo

By the way, this is my “beach” body and it’s amazing

Alice Bonyton, @alissbonyt

Imperfection is even more beautiful. The sun shines on my bare face, and the stretch marks on my body also glow

Carly Jay, @misscarlijay_healthyliving

My advice to you! Remember: bikini season is for everyone! No matter what size or shape you have!

Gabriel Gregg, @gabifresh

Every body is one of a kind. And every woman should be able to find the perfect swimsuit for herself!

Callie Thorpe @ calliethorpe

I spent a lot of time behind a facade of self-irony while hating myself for the way I looked. This is in the past, now my mission is to tell every woman and every man that success and happiness have nothing to do with how they look.

CurvySam, @curvysam

You can see cellulite, thick arms and fat in this unretouched photo, or you can see a woman in a colorful swimsuit enjoying the thermal baths in Budapest and not caring what others think of her.

Tanesha Awasti, @girlwithcurves

Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with how you look

Alexa Filis, @alexaphelece

Fat, thin, with or without cellulite, imperfect, and all this… MY BODY. And it’s wonderful!

So if you’ve been shy about showing imperfect skin on your belly, legs and thighs, let these amazing women inspire you to buy the coolest swimsuit and head to the beach!

Do you agree with these women?

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Photo: Instagram