Candice Swanepoel responded to critics of her figure after giving birth

Candice Swanepoel responded to critics of her figure after giving birth

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Candice Swanepoel does not belong to those models who immediately after giving birth go to the catwalk and demonstrate the perfect figure. The Victoria’s Secret Angel is enjoying motherhood and is in no rush to return to work.

The other day, the 29-year-old model was relaxing on the beach in Brazil and proudly showed off her imperfect model figure. And this is not surprising: on June 19, Candice gave birth to her second child , the son of Ariel . Scroll through the photo!

There were those on the net who decided to criticize Swanepoel for the fact that she still has not come into shape. But the supermodel answered all the attacks in her blog:

This is me 12 days after my son was born. If you want to say nasty things about this… look at yourself first. People can be so cruel to each other… Beauty standards are sometimes unattainable for women these days and I’m not ashamed to show my postpartum belly… I’m really proud of it.

I carried my son for 9 months and I think I have earned the right to have a small tummy. So what if I’m a model? We are also normal people, so let me enjoy my time on the beach in peace.

I don’t have to hide my belly just because people have unrealistic standards for women. We create life. What can you do? Ladies, we all go through this, let’s be kinder to each other.

A newly-made mommy sometimes pampers subscribers with new videos or photos of her baby.

Do you agree with Candice’s opinion?

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