Can problems with the placenta during pregnancy be prevented?

Can problems with the placenta during pregnancy be prevented?

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Heartburn medications can cure preeclampsia

Expecting a child is sometimes fraught with various difficulties with women’s health. The body may fail. However, at least one such problem was solved by a panel of experts from Melbourne – Women’s Hospital of Mercy and the University of Melbourne – found a solution.

The doctors concluded that the drug they are studying, used in the treatment of type II diabetes, reduces the production of toxins, the level of which increases with preeclampsia, and helps repair damaged blood vessels.

Professor Stephen Tong , head of the Translational Obstetrics Unit at Mercy Women’s Hospital, emphasizes that the drug “is safe to take during pregnancy.” Dr. Natalie Hannan was also quoted by Healthymummy as saying, “We were amazed that the drug neutralized the production of toxins from the pre-eclamptic placenta and protected the blood vessels from further damage.”

Preeclampsia is a complication during pregnancy associated with a lack of blood supply to the placenta. This leads to its damage, which starts the process of intoxication of the pregnant woman and increases blood pressure. This complication is more common in women preparing for the birth of a child for the first time: 5-8% of all expectant mothers are at risk.

We hope that researchers will find a way to help pregnant women prevent the development of this pathology.

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