Brotherly: 30 photos confirming that love conquers childhood jealousy

Brotherly: 30 photos confirming that love conquers childhood jealousy

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When the youngest child appears in the family, the older one gets less attention and affection. This is how childish jealousy appears, which makes the mother very sad and makes her worry about the future relationship between her beloved children.

Don’t worry! These sketches from the life of ordinary mothers prove that jealousy will certainly pass, because love is much stronger. Some of the stories moved us to tears…

“The meeting after kindergarten in the evening goes only like this, and Kolya tells everyone that this is our Lenechka.”

Instagram @ziminajulia

“For two days Miron was without Sasha and got so bored, he kept asking: “Where is Tata?” I say: “At the cottage.” And he: “Minion goes to the country!”

Instagram @bakhmutova_gnom

“I am surprised by the children and their care for each other. How caring, attentive they are – beyond their years.

Instagram @irina_plozki

“Special warmth in their relationship. Hopefully for the rest of my life.”

Instagram @nikitinajendoubi

“Brotherly love is sometimes excessive. Sometimes Vanya, it seems, would like to rest.

Instagram @ilonabarsukova

“The eldest son said to the youngest: “This is OUR MOTHER!” I melted. For 5 years I was “my mother”, today I have been upgraded to the status of “ours”.

Instagram @valentinabuyankova

“I sent the elder to finish the lessons this morning. I hear Alena also quieted down. I go in, and here is an oil painting: they are sitting together on the same chair and Sema, hugging Alena with one arm, is doing his tasks. This is brotherly love.”

Instagram @lena.doblisa

“Recently, Danya asks to sit at the table only next to Dima and even tries to put his plate on his table. I told him: “Move it away, otherwise Dimulya will steal food from your plate,” to which Danya said: “Mom, I don’t feel sorry for Dimulya!”

Instagram @chereshnevaspb

“Instead of a thousand words”.

Instagram @_s_trofimova_

“While Kirill was beating the dough for charlotte, Mark pulled up a stool to help his brother. After he added flour to the dough, he took and hugged Kiryukha, saying: “Kiryusha, my brother, I love you.”

Instagram @apelsinka88

“How they argue, how they swear and how desperately they fight. But how they miss being alone, how they worry about their brothers, how they love each other!

Instagram @kharinaelena

“Brotherly love is wiping tears from the eyes of a younger brother.”

Instagram @fitmomelen

“And now they have everything for two. Learning to share!

Instagram @alsu8308

“When Tima takes all my attention, I ask Samuel if he would like to live without Tima, as before, so that his mother is only with him. And he firmly answers: “NO”.

Instagram @nata_rebel

“My every morning begins with the words: “Mom, thanks for the brother!”

Instagram @ekaterinasadrieva

“He loves his sister very much. He misses her more than he misses us parents. He may not go out to be with her longer on the weekend. He chose and chooses her clothes, toys with much more zeal than himself. He will play, amuse, calm, distract, look after. He says “shhhhhhhhhhhhh” to her as she stirs in her sleep… And she? She reciprocates him. How can, how can … ”

Instagram @purple_hat_

“That morning, Seva was upset: the last day at sea, friends overslept the meeting … Vlad noticed and began to amuse him. Look at the way he looks at his big brother, it’s definitely love.”

Instagram @daria_akinella

“My men! Lyoshka looks like this every half an hour to see if everything is fine with his brother.

Instagram @speranskie_family

“Our photographer was very touched by this moment.”

Instagram @garabuska

“Every morning starts with hugs. They make me feel…”

Instagram @fakhretdinovavictoriya

“Brotherly love is so merciless. Of course, they fight, swear, hug, fool around, take offense at each other. But together it is a force and a gang!

Instagram @shurka_sasha

“The most frequently asked question with the appearance of Matvey: how does Timosha react to him? And now, perhaps, only now I can answer it. He does not have a soul in him, he loves his brother very much! At first, he was offended by me, very tragically blew his lips when I didn’t run to him at the first call, but it passed very quickly … And how gently Tim strokes and kisses his little brother, just mimimi.

Instagram @katsavenkova

“When, when asked about his best friend, he, without a second’s hesitation, says that this is his younger brother, and for New Year’s goals, he writes that he wants to spend even more time with him …”

Instagram @inna_vb

“In recent days, Maxim has finally begun not only to notice Nikitka, but also to show tenderness to him: to stroke his tummy, legs, and most importantly, to kiss” …

Instagram @aka_elfy

“When a pregnant woman went, she was most afraid of jealousy from the elder to the younger … But, as it turned out, Arseny loves his younger brother very much, and this makes me happy. He always tells him: “You are my miracle!”

Instagram @oliya_mahova

“I have two sons for 7 months, we got used to each other for 7 months … I remember how Misha was brought from the hospital and Semyon looked at him so suspiciously and even with fear. I remember all the difficulties and my fears… Six months have passed and Semyon loves his youngest very much. He amuses him, gives him water and a pacifier, calms him down when Misha cries. And how Misha touches the elder’s face, hair is tenderness … ”

Instagram @korotkowa_nasty

“They have their own wave. Danya is ready to kiss him for hours, and Emilian would be happy, he already calms down when the elder is nearby.

Instagram @dianaloefink

“Worn with her all the time! He is afraid for her, worries, protects from everyone … ”

Instagram @crazy_4mom

“What is brotherly love in our family?
– This is when the elder sincerely empathizes with the younger. She takes pity on him when he cries because his mother scolded him …
– Panics when he slowly leaves the elevator or falls behind on a walk. He is afraid that we will forget him and he will be lost. Then he runs, grabs his hand or yells to the whole street: “MOM! .. ANDREEEE!”
– When helping him cross the road and wash his hands with soap.
– When he takes a piece of sausage and asks for another piece – for his brother.
– And always, always shares with him all his sweets …
And the younger one does not share and does not care … He just misses his brother very much when he is in the kindergarten, and sincerely rejoices at the meeting, runs, squeals, hugs and kisses. And he always supports all the reckless undertakings of the elder. And he repeats everything after him!
And they already have their own jokes, secret from their parents. Frankly, at such moments I feel stupid and happy at the same time.

Instagram @surnakova.katerina

“While no one sees…”

Instagram @alina17883

And finally – an incredibly touching video

“When the older brother went to rest at sea, and the younger one misses him very much. Here it is, brotherly love and devotion!”

How do your children express love for each other?

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