Bright and fun: summer fashion from the children of the stars

Bright and fun: summer fashion from the children of the stars

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Loving mothers and fathers try to dress their children in the latest fashion. Beautiful dresses, hats and caps, trendy shirts and shorts… A feast for the eyes. What is it, the children’s fashion of the heirs of Russian celebrities?

Olympic champions in figure skating Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Maxaim Trankov love their little daughter Angelica (1.5 years old). The girl is growing up as a fashionista and has already decided on her favorite piece of clothing – hats and hats.

Instagram @xam_trankov

The daughter of TV presenter Elena KuletskayaNika (2 years old) – chooses only positive shades.

Instagram @elenakuletskaya

The youngest daughter of designer Oksana Samoilova and rapper Dzhigan – Maya (1.2 years old) – prefers calm shades in her summer wardrobe. Well, what about without accessories? Even if your hair is short, you still need a bandage.

Instagram @samoylovaoxana

The heirs of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva , Lisa and Harry (4 years old), prefer comfortable clothes in summer – shorts. Like the daughter of Christina Orbakaite – Claudia.

Instagram @maxgalkinru

Although kids love to play in “high fashion”.

And in the wardrobe of the daughter of TV presenter Ksenia Borodina and businessman Kurban Omarov , Teya (3 years old), as we can see, there are a lot of T-shirts with funny ornaments.

Instagram @borodylia
Instagram @borodylia

Daughter of figure skater Tatyana Navka , Nadya Peskova (3 years old), like many little girls, imitates her mother. Therefore, if the star mother is in a beautiful long dress, then Nadia will be photographed in a similar way.

Instagram @tatiana_navka

Showman Alexander Revva is the happy father of daughters Amelie (11 years old) and Alice (5 years old). Girls have not only beautiful names, but also delicate taste. Just look at their hats!

Instagram @arthurpirozhkov

3-year-old Bella , the daughter of actress Ekaterina Klimova , clearly prefers pink in her clothes.

Instagram @klimovagram

The daughter of the model Elena Perminova , Arina (4 years old), is also not indifferent to this shade.

Instagram @lenaperminova

But Alice (4 years old), daughter of rapper Timati and model Alena Shishkova , can be seen more often in clothes of dark shades.

Instagram @simona280

Alexander (5 years old), aka Dwarf Gnomych, son of producer Yana Rudkovskaya and athlete Evgeny Plushenko , in this image would look great on the cover of a fashionable glossy magazine.

Instagram @gnomgnomych

And the daughter of “Miss Universe” Oksana FedorovaLisa (5 years old) – loves to wear puffy dresses, like a princess.

Instagram @fedorovaoksana

Three-year-old Miroslav , the son of actress Anna Mikhailovskaya , is good in bright colors.

Instagram @anna_mihailovskaya

A little fashionista grows up with actress Maria Gorban : Stefania (4 years old) chooses hair ornaments to match the dress.

Instagram @gorban_masha

Another young fashionista, daughter of Philip Kirkorov , Alla-Victoria (6 years old), relies on bright shades. And, as it turned out, the girl is not indifferent to hats.

Instagram @allavictoriyakirkorova
Instagram @allavictoriyakirkorova

And Martin Kirkorov (6 years old) also likes to wear hats. It’s family! Fans compared the image of the young fashionista to Mark Twain’s character Huckleberry Finn.

Instagram @martinkirkorov

Whose image did you like more?

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