Borodina's husband spoke about his way to extinguish children's tantrums

Borodina's husband spoke about his way to extinguish children's tantrums

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Kurban Omarov

The upbringing of children is a science that is not taught at the institute. Everything is known only by experience. And parents often share this very experience with each other – like, for example, Kurban Omarov . The husband of the permanent TV presenter of the reality show “Dom-2” talks in his microblog about children’s tantrums and how to stop them.

Today, Kurban posted a photo of his daughter Thea on his Instagram, accompanying it with the caption:

Children are sponges, they learn the world by experience and look at the reaction of their parents. You are constantly being tested for strength, whether you fall for a provocation or not. I have a different tactic, I am calm, I do not show increased attention or reactions, but I try to argue my actions. If our main madam tries to disperse, I raise her to the same level as me or sit down to look into her eyes. And I calmly wonder why Thea screams so loudly? She is forced to think and come to the conclusion that kipish is unfounded. Well, or we are looking for a solution to the problem together. About gifts and shops, we immediately explain that everything has a limit, and you can choose one thing, from this: a toy, goodies, entertainment. And the question is not that we can afford a lot or a little, but that the child understands that life is not a raspberry, getting one, you need to give another, or refuse something now, or postpone it next time.

Recall that Omarov and Borodina became the parents of little Thea on December 22, 2015. The couple are raising Marusya together – the 9-year-old daughter of Ksenia Borodina from her first marriage to businessman Yuri Budagov . Kurban Omarov has a 10-year-old son Omar from his first marriage.

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Photo: Instagram