Boring family look: an unusual photo project of one mother

Boring family look: an unusual photo project of one mother

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Family look in an unusual photo project

This story began with the fact that one mother once noticed that she and her daughters were dressed in the same style. Then she decided to bring the family look to perfection. Needless to say, she succeeded, and more than 500 thousand people have already subscribed to her Instagram account?

Dominica Davis , who came up with the project All That is Three, and her daughters Amelia and Penny in the photos seem like the perfect family – with the same outfits and common interests. Dominika says that they imitate each other in life, copy images, hairstyles and gestures. And while the girls are fooling around in front of the lens, she “documents” how they grow up. After all, you can not return these moments …

By the way, almost all images are extremely minimalistic, so any mother can repeat them!

When they unite not only outfits, but also love for animals…

In this image, you can even go to Glastonbury, even to Coachella

Who said there can only be one Minnie?

Sometimes the weather itself dictates how to dress.

And sometimes the images are inspired by a hobby …

watermelon mood

Birthday is a great occasion to walk another family look

In dreams of the sea

60s style is suitable for any age

Dedicated to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

When food is also part of a stylish look

Time to take care of yourself

Deeds, deeds, deeds…

Hello Mary Poppins!

Stargazing is better together

You can’t forbid being striped!

…and checkered too!

Farmer style is not boring at all!

Three Scrooge

All you need for a perfect holiday is a good mood.

Did you like the idea?

Photo: Instagram