Blog of the real Tarzan: how a childhood dream became a profession

Blog of the real Tarzan: how a childhood dream became a profession

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Miami resident Mike Holston calls himself “King of the Jungle” or Tarzan. If you look at the personal blog of this zookeeper, then there will be no doubt: he calls himself that for a reason. Few people are ready to repeat all his adventures with dangerous and exotic animals. Do not need!

As Mike himself says, he does not take risks for the sake of his own whim. He studies the animal world in order to tell people about these animals, he also often visits schools to inform children about certain exotic animals.

Even as a little boy, he dreamed of becoming what he eventually became now.

Dreamed all my life to make these things a reality! I risked my life for my dream, I lost all my money, possessions and friends all in pursuit of what makes me who I am.

I wonder if young Mike dreamed of keeping the world’s largest rabbit?

Holston’s day-to-day life can seem completely crazy: today he can cuddle with tigers or swim with sharks, and tomorrow he can share bananas with monkeys.

Tarzan seems to have photos of all kinds of reptiles and many other different animals.

While Mike is the idol of many people as the “King of the Jungle”, he also has his own idols. Recently, Hollywood actor Will Smith posted a video on his microblog about the activities of Tarzan, which caused him incredible delight:

I shed a few happy tears when I saw the video. I grew up on series and films with this actor. I never dreamed that Will Smith would pay attention to me. Thank you Will for making a devoted fan the happiest person ever. I will remember this for the rest of my life.

Here are some amazing videos and photos of Mike with animals. Here he swims with a black jaguar.

And here is a fearless man dining with iguanas:

Charging with pythons? No problems!

Selfie with a grizzly bear.

Hugs with a crocodile.

Water procedures with a huge turtle.

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