Birth of Prince Louis

Birth of Prince Louis

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Prince William, Kate Middleton with newborn Prince Louis

On April 23, the wife of Prince William and the favorite of the British, Kate Middleton , became a mother for the third time. She gave birth to another heir to the throne – Prince Louis , whose full name sounds like Louis Arthur Charles, Duke of Cambridge.

Early in the morning she was taken to London, to the hospital of St. Mary. And already at 11.01 the staff heard the first cry of the baby. By the way, two older children – four-year-old George and three-year-old Charlotte, were born here. All three times the father, Prince William, was present at the birth. This time the boy was born quite quickly, his weight was about 3800 grams.

Of course, from the very morning, numerous journalists and fans of the spouses crowded around the hospital. Therefore, when in the evening of the same day, Duchess Catherine, in a cute red dress with a newborn in her arms, went out to meet her husband and older children, she was greeted with friendly exclamations of joy and wishes of health to the baby and his mother.

The family has traditionally allowed for a few shots in which the parents look very happy and in love with each other. And a few days later, a touching photo appeared in the official microblog of the royal family, in which the charming Charlotte, dressed at home in a knitted blouse with an ornament, holds a sleeping Louis in snow-white clothes on her knees. The girl touchingly kisses her brother on the forehead.

This photo, like earlier photos of the heir to the throne, was taken at Kensington Palace in London, where the family lives. The queen-grandmother flew there from Windsor Castle by helicopter. She congratulated the happy parents and met her grandson.

Fans, having examined the photos of the brother and sister, did not fail to note the resemblance of the newborn to Charlotte when she was at an equally tender age.

Photo: Instagram