Bespectacled: Christina Asmus showed a family photo

Bespectacled: Christina Asmus showed a family photo

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Christina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov

The vacation of Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus continues. The famous couple, along with their daughter, is now in Italy, where show business and movie stars share funny photos and videos.

Knowing the interest of fans in her family, the actress now and then publishes joint photos with her husband and daughter. But at the same time, he always tries not to show the faces of four-year-old Nastya . See for yourself!

This new picture was met by the followers of the actress with comments:


The cutest thing is dad and daughter

Christina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov with their daughter in Italy © Instagram@asmuskristina

Many fans of Christina Asmus became interested in the unusual shape of the frame of her sunglasses. But the girl decided not to disclose either the brand or the place of purchase.

Also, the subscribers of the actress express their regret – there are very few photos of Christina in Italian landscapes. A similar criticism was met with the picture, succinctly signed “Florentine Photocard”.

Where is Florence? What is the photo card about?

Why not show the entire monument or column?…

I wonder if Christina Asmus will listen to the requests of subscribers and start publishing her and family photos more often against the backdrop of beautiful Italy?

However, the actress and her husband do not pay attention to criticism and publish funny videos from different cities of Italy.

Announcement photo: © Instagram @asmuskristina