Beep! Klimova's daughter on a small red car

Beep! Klimova's daughter on a small red car

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Daughter of Ekaterina Klimova

The microblog of the star of the film “We are from the Future” is filled with photographs of her children and funny videos about their everyday life. The other day , Ekaterina Klimova shared a video with a three-year-old baby Bella, who perfectly got used to the image of a car lady. A girl is driving a small copy of a red Mercedes 300S car and is watching her family pet, a huge dog named Arthur.

When the dog makes an attempt to approach the young motorist, Bella asks him to move away. Klimova’s subscribers were delighted with this video:

A typical driver after buying a new car “do not touch the car, otherwise you will scratch it more.” Milota

“What a brave child! at that age I fainted from small dogs, and Bella is a hero))) “

“The first traffic cop in my life”

Red cars are popular among star kids. The son of another actress, Anna Mikhailovskaya , also rides a similar one. Three-year-old Miroslav plays “on the road” with his mother. In this fun, the star of the film “Fashion Model” got the role of a policeman.

But the daughter of Serena Williams prefers to move around in her own carriage.

Would you like to give your kid such a machine?

Photo: Instagram