Beach Queens: Celebrity Kids on Vacation

Beach Queens: Celebrity Kids on Vacation

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Summer, like the holiday season, is in full swing, and many Russian celebrities have already managed to take their children to the sea and the sun. And we decided to compile a lookbook of the brightest beach images of little travelers.

One of the most spectacular images this year belongs to the daughters of Vera Brezhneva . Sophia (17) and Sarah (8) chose matching cat swimsuits.

This swimsuit model is just a hit of recent years. Maria Kozhevnikova and Anna Tsukanova-Kott also opted for them this year, as did actress Ekaterina Volkova with her daughter Elizabeth (7) last summer.

Anna Tsukanova-Kott and Ekaterina Volkova with their daughter Elizabeth

Anna Khilkevich with her daughter Arianna (2) also prefer one-piece bathing suits with an unusual design.

A one-piece swimsuit and the daughter of the singer Jasmine . Brilliant Margarita (6) basked in the sun in an outfit adorned with many stars.

Closed swimsuit models with creative prints and the youngest daughter Ksenia Borodina , Teona (2).

Daughter of Ksenia Borodina Theon

For the eldest girl, Marusya (9), Ksenia chooses separate sets.

And the daughter of the king of the Russian stage , Philip Kirkorov , Alla-Victoria (6) wears both types of swimsuits:

Alla Victoria and Martin, children of Philip Kirkorov

Elena Borshcheva and her family are vacationing in Kabardino-Balkaria this summer. For her daughter Uma , she chose a closed swimsuit. And a funny panama hat, because on a hot day you can’t go without it!

Singer Slava , who is now on vacation in Greece, also shared the beach outfits of her baby Antonina (6).

Daughter of the singer Slava Antonina

And the eldest daughter of the star Alexander (19) simply amazed the subscribers with her chic summer looks:

Alexandra, daughter of the singer Slava

Whose swimsuit is the best?

Photo: Instagram