Baby food Gerber: reviews, price, range

Baby food Gerber: reviews, price, range

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Gerber baby food is represented by the world’s largest Swiss food company Nestle. Jars with the logo of this company are probably familiar to millions of parents around the world, and Russia is no exception.

Baby food "Gerber"

We will talk about what products the Gerber brand offers and how this baby food is produced below.

History of baby food brand Gerber

Few people know that the history of Gerber nutrition began with a mother’s love for her children. Dorothy Gerber in the 30s of the last century took up the issue of making baby puree for her daughter. After months of experimenting with different foods, Mrs. Gerber suggested to her husband, a cannery owner, that they make mashed potatoes for small children—something like mashed tomatoes. After a series of studies, many consultations with nutritionists, technologists and doctors, and carrying out the necessary tests, a trial batch of a new product was ready.

History of baby food brand Gerber

This is how the first five types of Gerber baby food were born. The company’s products were greeted with enthusiasm: consumers liked the new product so much that after only six months it was already available in every large store in every corner of the United States.

Today, Gerber baby food is a combination of 80 years of experience and advanced technology, a symbol of quality nutrition for the most beloved babies. Now the company produces about 500 products that are available for sale in 30 countries around the world. More than 80 items of Gerber products are presented in domestic stores, covering the entire range of necessary food products for children.

How Gerber baby food is made

For the production of baby food “Gerber” only ecologically clean areas are used: fields and gardens that are far from roads, big cities and industrial zones. Soil composition is also strictly controlled: Gerber specialists carefully check products for the presence of pesticides and heavy metals.

The special mode of heat treatment of Gerber products allows, on the one hand, to destroy all microbes and bacteria, and on the other hand, to preserve all the beneficial substances in fruits and vegetables. The company’s experts have developed tempered glass jars and a lid with a special protrusion to determine the tightness. We can say with confidence that Gerber baby food is not only safe for health, but also a source of all the nutrients your baby needs.

Baby food production Gerber

Parents can be calm about the health of their children, because fruits and vegetables for the production of food “Gerber” are checked for 500 different parameters. The company provides costly quality checks and strict selection of raw materials.

Of course, only natural ingredients are used in the production; Gerber puree and other types of nutrition do not contain genetically modified products, preservatives, dyes, flavor and aroma enhancers. The company strictly complies with the norms and standards prescribed for baby food.

Assortment of baby food brand Gerber

Most parents are familiar with Gerber fruit, cereal, meat purees, juices and fruit and milk desserts. Impeccable quality, absolute safety and high taste properties of ready-made baby food have become the main principle of the company.

Gerber monocomponent baby purees are ideal for starting complementary foods. Carrot or pumpkin, broccoli or zucchini will easily diversify your child’s menu.

Assortment of baby food brand Gerber

For a snack, mashed peach or pear, apple or prunes is suitable. An older baby may like rabbit, turkey and stewed vegetables.

And to pamper their beloved kids, caring parents can choose delicate fruit and milk puree “Apricot with cottage cheese” or “Banana with cream” and other equally tasty and healthy desserts. Moms and dads will love them too!

Prices for baby food “Gerber”

The Gerber company guarantees its customers high quality products, while the pricing policy is very democratic compared to similar baby food products on the market. The company strives to maintain the level of trust placed by customers in every possible way, which is confirmed by huge sales figures around the world. Lots of good reviews confirm this.

Gerber baby food reviews from

“I like that the consistency of the Gerber jars is thick and my child fills up. On jars of other manufacturers, Yarik sometimes had diathesis, so now we only eat Gerber.

“Gerber jars save us when we visit!!! When there is no way to cook something yourself. We also go to the pool with Yarik, and after such a load, the child spends a lot of energy and strength, respectively, he wants to eat and cannot stand until I cook something for him.

“We have known mashed potatoes in pouch packaging for a long time, Milana learned to eat it from the age of 7 months. Immediately, Milane gave Gerber puree with a taste of “Pear, raspberry, cereals” to try! I really liked the puree, a good combination and my daughter ate it with pleasure!”

How to introduce complementary foods to a child

In the first months of a baby’s life, a nutritious, balanced and natural diet is the key to good health for many years. Therefore, pediatricians around the world are of the general opinion that the first six months after birth, the child should be exclusively breastfed.

But the moment inevitably comes when the grown-up peanut no longer has enough nutritional and energy properties of mother’s milk, and then the parents begin to introduce the first complementary foods. This happens in the region of six months: for children on an artificial mixture – at five months, for children on GV – at 6 months. During this period, the child’s body is already strong and ready for more solid food.

A child at this age develops an interest in adult food, and this serves as a signal to parents that the baby can try new dishes. Most often, these are one-component vegetable purees that you can cook yourself or choose from a range of factory-made ready-made baby food. This choice is not so easy for young parents. After all, there are many arguments in favor of home-cooked food, and in favor of jars. Often, the speed and convenience of ready-made meals, of course, outweighs. Canned puree is ready to use, you can take it on the road or guests. Parents can even safely go on a long trip and be sure that high-quality, fresh and tasty food for their baby is at hand. A huge selection of flavors allows you to choose the one that your baby likes the most. In addition, the combinations that manufacturers of factory-made baby food represent are very difficult to obtain at home.


Loving parents who want the best for their child will definitely choose the best option. Unfortunately, from time to time, poor-quality manufacturers violate the production technology or produce defective products. This can undermine parental confidence in prepared meals. Therefore, in such an important matter, it is important to find those manufacturers who are worthy of your trust.

When choosing baby food, you should pay attention to the fact that each jar of baby food indicates the approximate age from which you can drive this product in the baby’s menu. Complementary foods begin with vegetable purees and dairy-free cereals. When the baby is already accustomed to new food, you can add other ingredients: introduce multi-component vegetable and fruit purees and meat. By the end of the first year of a child’s life, almost all the main products are introduced into the diet and the baby’s taste habits are laid. A varied and balanced diet provides the growing body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, micro- and macroelements that are involved in the development of the body, replenish its energy needs. Parents should remember that at home it is not easy to prepare food for the child, observing all sanitary standards. Sterility of products, saving time and effort, as well as diversity at any time of the year are the undoubted advantages of finished products from a reliable manufacturer.