Anton and Victoria Makarsky celebrated a crystal wedding

Anton and Victoria Makarsky celebrated a crystal wedding

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Anton and Victoria met at the audition for the musical “Metro”, where sympathy immediately arose between them.

The novel developed very rapidly and a year later the young people got married, although they officially legalized the relationship only 3 years later, in 2003.

Wedding of Anton and Victoria Makarsky

In the Griboyedov Wedding Palace, Victoria Morozova became Makarska.

The wedding was modest, the bride even rented a dress. That is why it was blue, and not the classic white. And a few hours after the wedding, the newlyweds flew to the city of love, Paris.

And until now, Anton and Victoria look at each other with the same loving eyes as 20 years ago, which have passed since they met, and even doubled their happiness. The couple are the parents of two kids, Ivan (3) and Maria (5), and perform their own show program.

The couple spoke about their tenderness and love in the new video “I will return to you”: a bright mood is guaranteed!

What is the secret of such a long and happy relationship?

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