Anna Tsukanova-Kott shared the diet of a nursing mother

Anna Tsukanova-Kott shared the diet of a nursing mother

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Anna Tsukanova-Kott

Recently, Anna Tsukanova-Kott became a mother for the second time. She and her husband Alexander Kott are raising their son Mikhail (10), and on June 20 the girl gave birth to a girl. The actress is a very caring mother and tries to give her children only the best. Therefore, she carefully monitors her diet during lactation in order to prevent allergies in the baby.

Anna eliminated from her diet all bright foods such as berries, as well as citrus fruits, seafood, Asian cuisine, sauces and even her favorite coffee, which she replaced with chicory and herbal tea. It’s not even worth talking about alcohol, fast food, carbonated drinks and chips, which the star considers unacceptable while feeding a child. Such a “super-correct” diet, as the young mother writes, will benefit not only her daughter, but also Anna herself, who is watching her figure.

Recall that the actress kept to a diet during pregnancy, which allowed her to pleasantly surprise fans with a photo in a bathing suit just 2 weeks after giving birth. The girl showed an excellent form, and you can’t say at all that she became a mother twice a few days ago.

Did you follow the diet during pregnancy and lactation?

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